Queen's car breaks down outside church

Queen's car breaks down outside church (Photo: BangShowbiz/LondonNet)

QUEEN ELIZABETH's Bentley failed to start after a church service in Sandringham, Norfolk, where she is relaxing on her winter break.

The 86-year-old monarch's chauffeur struggled to restart the luxury Bentley the queen was travelling in yesterday (13.01.13) after it stalled outside St Mary Magdalene Church, near Sandringham House, where she is enjoying her annual winter break with her 91-year-old husband, Prince Philip.

Royal fan Mary Relph, 77, of Shouldham, Norfolk, who was at the church, said: "I have never known anything like this happen before. The car wouldn't start for quite a while. It did eventually and when it did, the queen said, 'Don't stop it, don't stop it' I think she must have been worried that it might conk out again. She was laughing about it.'."

The embarrassing incident was observed by 50 members of the congregation after the 55-minute service. Prince Philip walked to and from the church with guests including Lady Helen Taylor, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Another onlooker said: "The chauffeur looked really embarrassed and worried when the car would not start. The queen was just standing there a few metres away and pointing at the car.

"The police were beginning to panic a little and I heard them talking about implementing Plan B and bringing another car to drive the queen away.

"It was a great relief all round when the car started."


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