Drinking London: What Londoners Drink, and Where…

As a visitor to London, and of a keen and discerning nature, I quickly realized that certain things were available to me here that weren’t available back home. The historical relevancy, British royalty, the Big Ben and just as quickly, I realized that these things lose their appeal after one visit, one snapshot and UKP 10 or so.

There was, however, one thing that was able to capture my interests for an extended period: Drinking. Imbibing alcohol in London is more an honoured tradition than most tourist sites, with the hordes of pubs, bars and swanky clubs to choose from. Try as I do, it would be impossible to categorize and catalogue all of them. But not one to back down to a challenge, I headed off towards the mean streets of London, armed with my camera and a notebook, determined to get a taste of the spirits of the city.

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Part 1: Boho-No
Part 2: Boxed Up
Part 3: In Like A…
Part 4: Road Tail
Part 5: CAMRA Lover
Part 6: Anam Creation
Part 7: Wine-troduction