The Roadhouse
The Piazza, Covent Garden

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Bartender Ed, Roadhouse.  Image:  Jackie Jou.I made my way to The Roadhouse, a self-described “bartender’s bar.” Indeed, Head Bartender Ed , a “tea-total”, mentioned a flair competition at the end of the month with bartenders coming from all around England to participate. With sixty cocktails to choose from, accompanied with flips, twirls and juggling, this was starting to get exciting. The bartenders presented me with the Lemontree and Kiss Me Quick; the Lemontree was delicious, consisting of a simple mojito mixed with Bacardi lemon. “It was created here by a previous bartender,” the bartender informed me. Kiss Me Quick was a little too sweet for my tastes, of Midori, Malibu and peach schnapps. Ed suggested the Mojito, “people like the theatre of making it.” For a sour cocktail, try a Caipirinha.

Bartender Anna, Roadhouse.  Image:  Jackie Jou.Bartender Anna recommended the Roadhouse Root Beer of Kahlua, amaretto and Galliano and the Morgan’s Blast Rum of spirit and coke. Claire from Scotland liked the Italian Job (red wine and cranberry juice), a simple Corona (“the bartender’s beer”), and the rose wine, particularily the domaine belles eaux. Some scant patrons littered around the giant island of a bar were already drinking some of the recommended.

Franz, Roadhouse.  Image:  Jackie Jou.Franz toasted with a Jack and Coke; Roman from France declared, “I like this, it’s very good” of the Lemontree; Julian from France said that he drank “everything” but started with a Rasp Breeze; Arnaud was having the Lemon Butter Cookie; and Yann didn’t speak much English but knew the words Bling Bling. As I left, Alexi the bouncer said that he “[didn’t] drink, [he’s] a pineapple juice kind of man” but that he did indulge in some Sambuca for his birthday the week before.

Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the Beach, Kiss Me Quick, Mojito, Bling Bling, Roadhouse Root Beer, Lemontree.

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