Drinking London – The Lamb

The Lamb
94 Lambs Conduit Street

Bartender Jenna, The Lamb. Image: Jackie Jou.From there, I went to The Lamb, a little out of the way of the major tourist haunts but a cosy, suburban pub. Specializing in Young’s ales, made in Wandsworth, Scottish Bartender Jenna gave me a quick rundown of the differences between ale and lager: “The ale is hand pumped with no gas and it’s slightly warmer. The lager is with gas and served in a keg.” I nodded with vague understanding. She recommended the Ordinary Young’s Bitter or the Special Premium Ale. Again Stella came up as the most popular non-Young’s beer.

Bartender Chris, The Lamb.  Image:  Jackie Jou.Bartender Dan cruelly making fun of my accent, liked Erdinger, a German brown beer. Next, Bartender Chris, from Poland, preferred Jack Daniels. He thoughtfully added, “I don’t know [how much I drink], I never count ? actually too much.”

I spotted a bedraggled old man staring blankly out the window and I cheerily approached him, asking him what he was drinking. When he didn’t reply, I ask again. “You can keep asking, I’m not going to answer.”

The bartenders shrug and Jenna said, “He comes in everyday and has a pint and leaves. Don’t mind him.”

Having developed pretty thick skin by this point, I didn’t. At least the bartenders were friendly.

Young’s Beers Champion (live golden), Stella Artois, Guinness Extra Cold, Ordinary Young’s Bitter, Special Premium Ale.

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