Drinking London – The Box

The Box
32-34 Monmouth Street

The Box was a brightly lit, modern styled gay bar with lots of white tiling and art on the walls. It was small, stylish, and comfortable.

Bartender Henry, The Box. Image: Jackie Jou.Bartender Henry offered me a drink. Still smarting from last night’s brutal rebuff, I cautiously order a cranberry Bacardi breezer. It was sweet but not inspiring. I felt the same about the bar. Henry, as cute as he was, apologetically informed me that they didn’t serve cocktails. He preferred the classic Jack and Coke and recommended the vodka tonic or gin tonic from the bar.

Sandro, The Box. Image: Jackie Jou.Sandro suggested vodka with any soft drink and then a 23. When I asked what that was, he smiled mysteriously and said, “Anyone who orders would know what it is.” I expressed further confusion and he demystified, saying that the numbers connoted a concoction of fruits, vodka and gin. Henry told me to go to The Roadhouse down the street to get more of a variety of drinks.

Stella Artois, Staropramen, Jack and Coke, Bacardi, Smirnoff.

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