Princess Diana’s Lovers : Will Carling


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Diana’s Lovers: Will Carling


International rugby player/TV presenter/Management Guru


Beefy body, cheeky grin, Kirk Douglas chin.


As captain of the most successful England rugby side of all time, Carling was an obviously talented leader of men. But when it came to his personal entanglements with Diana, wife Julia and girlfriend Ali Cockayne, things didn’t run quite as smoothly. In fairness, he does possess a sense of humour superior to the average Neanderthal rugger bugger, an element which is likely to have attracted Di to him.

Modus Operan-Di

According to legend, Carling spun into Diana’s orbit down at the gym, where the pair are said to have shared intimate coffee mornings. As with James Hewitt, Carling appears to have impressed Di with his ability to get on with her boys, both of whom, fortuitously, are big rugby fans. He is known to have presented both William and Harry with rugby shirts.

Did he, y’know…eh?

Neither Diana herself nor Will ever publicly admitted any physically intimate aspects to their trysts but why the break up of Carling’s marriage? Put it this way – Carling’s pretty TV presenter wife Julia spoke against Diana in vehement terms when she eventually kicked Will out.

What went wrong?

As usual, press coverage put great strain on the relationship and when the Carlings’ marriage broke up in full media glare, it wasn’t long before Diana and Will’s meetings dried up.

Do Say

“How can our company learn from your leadership expertise, Will?”

Don’t Say

“Where’s that cute TV presenter you used to know?”

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