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Prince Charles.
Diana’s Lovers
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Diana’s Lovers: Prince Charles


Heir to the throne of the United Kingdom


Amiable muppet with big ears


Prince Charles. Photo Credit: Photomage. C.C.LicenseFirst up Diana went for the Prince Charming stuff but quickly became disillusioned by what she saw as Charles’ coldness. Supporters point to his deep thinking and loyalty to both the Royal code and long standing friends including, of course, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Pilloried in the past for his treatment of Diana, for his philistine views on architecture and his habit of chatting to unsuspecting plants, the good Prince is currently enjoying a revivial in his opinion poll rating thanks to the tactic of largely hiding from public view.

Modus Operan-Di

Used his royal status to woo Diana to some extent (holidays at Sandringham etc) but in fairness was delighted to find that the love struck teenage virgin also fell for his sensitivity and what she called his “sadness.”

Pals say he genuinely loved Di early on but that her constant need for praise wore him down and he was relieved to find in Camilla Parker-Bowles a ready diversion.

Did he, y’know…eh?

Yes, and can cite William and Harry as pretty conclusive evidence to that effect. However, the doomed couple’s sexual relations are believed to have ended in 1984 not long after the birth of their second son, Prince Harry. Charles and Diana slept in separate bedrooms even before this and from 1987 bedded down in separate sleeping quarters.

What went wrong?

From her point of view Charles showed little understanding for her problems in adjusting to royal life and was in any case in love with Camilla. The final straw for Di was when Charles visited her following the birth of Harry. The bonnie prince complained that his second son had red hair and promptly left the hospital for a dinner engagement.

From his side, his wife was a neurotic, self-obsessed mess who was impossible to live with.

Do Say

“You were just two lonely people caught up in tragic circumstances beyond your control.”

Don’t Say

“Were you thinking about Camilla when you set about conceiving William and Harry?”

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Image: Prince Charles. Photo Credit: Photomage. C.C.License