Princess Diana’s Lovers : Oliver Hoare


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Diana’s Lovers
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Diana’s Lovers: Oliver Hoare


Art Dealer


Debonair, sophisticated.


Sophisticated, debonair

Modus Operan-Di

Despite his debonair and sophisticated charms, Hoare could well have pulled Diana with a quick flick of his abs or a nifty shifty of his pecks, for the happy Hoare bumped into the pouting princess at Chelsea Harbour Gym. And, to give him credit, he wasn’t afraid to get up early to meet Diana as she was famous for starting the day, usually that meant 7.00am, with her work outs. But Hoare wasn’t all muscle bound boyishness and it was widely reported that as well as sharing a love for the exercise mat the pair also enjoyed a series of cosy lunches and dinners together.

Did he, y’know…eh?

It looks that way, although to our knowledge he has never said as much. There appears little doubt, however, that she was smitten with him.

What went wrong?

Bizarre one this, as it seems that in the end Hoare was scared off the romance after receiving a series of what were described by police as “nuisance calls”, allegedly from Diana herself. What with the Squidgygate tapes and the Hoare phone calls, it would appear the princess had a particular problem with communications technology.

Do Say

“Hi Olly, nice tan. I’ve just inherited a small fortune and I’d like to by some art please.”

Don’t Say

“I’ll phone you back about that one.”

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