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Diana’s Lovers: James Hewitt


Life Guards Captain. (That’s an officer in one of Her Majesty’s finest regiments not a Baywatch lifeguard).

Also top polo player.


Muscular, sporty body let down by face with too many teeth and freckles.


The man once called the “vilest man in Britain” by a newspaper after he’d sold his story to a rival publication is one of the demon figures of the late 20th century. Diana herself said she was “absolutely devastated” when she discovered he’d spilled the beans on their relationship for hard cash and cut him out of her life. What, then, did this cad have going for him to attract her in the first place? Diana did, after all, say that she had “adored him” and that she “was in love with him.” Friends attest to his charm and to the laconic sense of humour he shared with the Princess.

Modus Operan-Di

To go with his image as a rat of the most rodent-like proportions, it would appear Hewitt went the sneaky back door route to Diana’s heart. He endeared himself to her kids, who he taught to ride and then went for the old helpless-bloke routine to cement the relationship, Diana admitting that she had dressed Hewitt “from head to foot.”

Did he, y’know…eh?

Undoubtedly. By all accounts the couple enjoyed many an illicit liaison from about 1991, a period when Charles and Diana’s relationship had hit new lows. Hewitt, known as a bit of a lothario on the society polo circuit, has since been described as a knowledgeable and generous lover by a number of his other bed-partners.

What went wrong?

As with Gilbey, Hewitt’s chances of landing Diana on a long term deal were always doomed by the fact the Princess was simply not up to committing herself. Still wed to Charlie-boy, Diana was determined that it would not be her indiscretions that were seen to cause any eventual break up and her emotions were in any case shot to pieces after a decade of marriage troubles.

After their initial break up, any chance of a later reconciliation were dashed when Hewitt co-authored a book about the fling.

Do Say

“You were morally entitled to give your side. Money had nothing to do with it.”

Don’t Say

“Pass the poison, I smell a rat.”

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