Princess Diana’s Lovers : James Gilbey


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Diana’s Lovers: James Gilbey


Car Salesperson


Smiley face always apparently on the verge of breaking into a giggle.


Your archetypal nice-but-dim upper crust sort, Gilbey can lay claim to being one of Diana’s few loyal friends to last the whole course of her adult life. His fun-loving character put Diana at her ease when they met at parties and made him a comforting contrast to old sour face Prince Charles. Loyally refuses to come clean on the affair even now, although he has talked extensively about the rest of her life.

Modus Operan-Di

Appears to have played the old cry-on-my-shoulder card when Diana was going through one of her frequent periods of personal crisis.

Did he, y’know…eh?

Gilbey will forever be associated with the infamous Squidgygate tapes and going by the squelchy sounds of endearment they contain, we have to conclude that congress did indeed take place.

The tapes in question were surreptitiously taken from a phone conversation held between the loving pair on the New Year’s Eve of 1989. Gilbey called Di “Darling” 53 times and “Squidgy” 14.

What went wrong?

Part bad timing, part press interference. Diana said herself that she wasn’t ready for a long term deal at that stage and when Squidgygate hit the news stands, the pair balked at the media coverage and that was that. There is also a suspicion that Di was worried that Gilbey would not have been able to keep his prize catch in the manner to which she had become accustomed. It is perhaps significant that most of her dalliances after Gilbey were with men of much greater means.

Do Say

“You were the rock that this wave of human emotion needed.”

Don’t Say

“What did she think of your gear stick?”;

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