Princess Diana’s Lovers : Hasnar Khan


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Diana’s Lovers: Hasnar Khan


Heart surgeon


Well built bod, searching eyes, distinguished features


The obvious characteristic to go for in a doctor is caring but in Diana’s case this appears to be a genuine reason for her finding Khan desirable. He also possessed a calming, relaxed, charm and had the ability to take Diana out of herself and out of the high pressure media infested world n which she lived.

Modus Operan-Di

Impressed Diana with his caring side when she first met him on one of her many hospital visits. At a time, during 1996, when she was coming more to terms with her new role as a kind of semi-official roving ambassador for various causes, it appears that Diana was up for someone of a serious nature and in the figure of Khan fulfilled that need.

Khan didn’t stint when it came to romantic gestures either. One weekend, he received the princess at his yacht on the south coast and the couple also enjoyed chummy dinner sates.

Did he, y’know…eh?

Most Diana pundits seem to believe there was more to the relationship than just a mutual desire to heal the sick, but the suspicions have not been 100% confirmed.

What went wrong?

Once more, the media were at least partly to blame for the pair’s decision to end the relationship. Like Diana, Khan is reckoned to have despised the press intrusion implicit in their coupling and once they had been discovered, things quickly drew to a close. Some believe, in fact, that it was Khan who was even more put off by the media than Diana.

Do Say

“Thanks for the new pump, I feel like a new person.”

Don’t Say

“Can we film you while you stitch up that aorta valve, doc?”

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