Princess Diana’s Lovers : David Waterhouse


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Diana’s Lovers: David Waterhouse


Captain, later Major, in the Household Cavalry


Big features, big smile, big man


Waterhouse was allowed to accompany Diana on a ski trip to Klosters in 1987 and is said to have enlivened the atmosphere of the party with his quick wit and repartee. He is also attributed with great loyalty to Diana throughout her troubled years and is reckoned to be sensitive, another of Diana’s favourite characteristics, at least for an army chap.

Modus Operan-Di

Humour again to the fore. Diana was apparently delighted with his lively personality and spent a lot of time in his company as a result. A bit of a good time Charlie, so to speak, Waterhouse was spotted out on the town with Diana on occasions. At one David Bowie concert in 1987 he was lucky enough to escort the princess when she sported tight leather trousers, a fashion statement later slammed by Buckingham Palace officials.

Did he, y’know…eh?

Waterhouse probably didn’t get to make the beast with two backs with Diana, although you never can tell. The Princess was certainly most taken with him at various times over the late 1980s and early 1990s.

For instance, in 1992, some years after the Klosters frivolities, Diana nearly invited Waterhouse on another holiday to Austria, this time without Charles present, but she bottled out at the last moment fearing media leaks.

What went wrong?

Like so many of her alleged link ups with members of the rival sex, Diana’s friendship with Waterhouse was doomed by the twin pressures of press intrusion and her unwillingness to hand Charles a propaganda victory in the battle for the spoils of their pointless marriage. That and the fact she had plenty of other would be suitors to worry about.

Do Say

“Go on Dave, tell us the one about matron and the regimental goat again.”

Don’t Say

“What were you and Di doing when Charles was on the slopes?”

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