Princess Diana’s Lovers : Bryan Adams


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Diana’s Lovers: Bryan Adams


Gruff-voiced pop-singer.


Lumberjack with a heart.


Bryan AdamsPossible schizophrenic. There’s a sense that Adams‘ biggest hit, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, which was the song from the movie Prince of Thieves, saddled him with a soft-soap image he’d rather wash away, hence his later return to his musical roots complete with designer stubble and denim. Which Adams Diana liked best – romantic balladeer or rock ‘n’ roller – only the fledgling couple themselves know.

Modus Operan-Di

An astute player of the long-game. Wrote a song named after Diana in 1985 years before he met her. Then, according to the Paul Burrell book A Royal Duty, cultivated her entourage, before making his move following the fine lady’s split from Charles and finally making physical contact with his quarry in 1996.

Did he, y’know…eh?

Yes he did, says his ex-girlfriend, Cecilie Thomsen. Paul Burrell mentions an unnamed popstar in his book A Royal Duty.

What went wrong?

Nothing much – both sides seem to have regarded the encounter as more fling than real thing. At the time, Diana was astutely playing the field/thrashing around for affection and Adams was in a long-term relationship. Had it happened at a different time, you never know, they might have become the Posh and Becks of the 90s.

Do Say

“Bryan! You still rock!”

Don’t Say

“Prince of Thieves? Thieved off a prince more like.”

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