Princess Diana’s Lovers : Barry Mannakee


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Diana’s Lovers: Barry Mannakee


Police Sergeant/Bodyguard


Rugged, beefy, gentle


Respected and experienced copper who won Diana’s trust soon after taking the job of being her personal bodyguard. Thought of as loyal and able to keep secrets by the princess and well-liked by former colleagues in the force.

Modus Operan-Di

As a servant to Diana, Mannakee is not likely to have made the running in any romance that may have developed out of their intense friendship. Instead, the bodyguard became a shoulder to cry on for Diana at a time, 1985/86, when she had few other members of her staff she could genuinely trust as they also had loyalties to Charles and the Queen.

Did he, y’know…eh?

The odds are against, although we will never know for sure as both parties are now no longer with us, Mannakee dying in a road accident 10 years before his erstwhile mistress met her maker in eerily similar circumstances.

There is, however, one piece of evidence suggesting that the liaison may have been more than merely one of emotional support (see below).

What went wrong?

After arousing the suspicions of Charles and members of the Kensington Palace staff, Mannakee was removed from his post and was sent packing on other police work. Incidentally, Mannakee wasn’t the only one of Diana’s bodyguard’s to get close to Her Royal Highness. Diana was also keen on Graham Smith and Ken Wharfe but, it is believed, mainly for their value as father figures.

Do Say

“Did you ever see that film with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston?”

Don’t Say

“Two souls joined together forever in heaven.”

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