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Your Conspiracy Theories (2)

Diana, Princess of WalesHere come some of your own bizarre thoughts. If you know of any more, let us know

LondonNet mistress of the mysterious
Linda Pleasance takes a cold look at your theories. Her favourite so far, overheard at her local pub, is that Di and Dodi died as he result of a fiendish plot hatched by the world’s florists. Flower power lives!


Are you nuts?

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 09:50:10 -0700
From: “Lewis M. Phelps”
Subject: are you nuts?

Have you ever heard of Occam’s Razor? It’s a long-established precept of science that the simplest explanation is most likely to be right. The simplest explanation, in this case, is that an inebriated driver went too fast and crashed. The other theories are just totally whacko bullshit.

Linda Pleasance:You ain’t seen nothing yet Lew, so shave off your cynicism, put that old razor away and see what the other whackos have come up with


From: John Mallow
Subject: Input
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 03:49:12 GMT

Based on my thorough analysis and study, Princess Diana has finally broke free and become a 100% ordinary people, living happily with Dodi Al Fayed in a small tropical island near middle east ! The reasons are very clearly indicated :

(1) She has said before during one press interview, she will make a “shocking announment” after she has finished her holiday, what kind of news can be as shocking as both of them killed in a car crush ?

(2) Princess Diana planned to withdraw from public life at the end of this year, according to a journalist who interviewed her several hours before the fatal car crash in Paris. How can she become an ordinary people if everyone still interested in her life, the only solution is to let the whole world believe that, she is dead.

(3) The strong and powerful S-class 600 Mercedes can withstand very high impact, and most importantly, it is fully equipped with bullet-proof high strength materials which prevent any kidnapping, and is capable of running more than 180 km/h without any problem. How can this heavy duty high end car chased by the poor little motocycles and scooters used by the paparazz ? Also, if the Mercedes really wants to run away from them, with the huge horse power, this can be done easily!

(4) What is there to avoid the paparazz, Princess Diana has already openly confessed the relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, and the press reporters have also taken many exciting pictures about two of them during the holiday on cruise. There is nothing to shoot while

Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed sitting in the big car and going to the hotel, at least, nothing interesting !

(5) Dodi Fayed was buried last night in a private ceremony, one day after the fatal accident. Why so hurry ? The fastest the Al Fayed family settle the ceremony, the lesser the chance other people will find out the truth !

(6) Why only one body guard following Princess Diana ? It is not logical for the rich and famous celebrities to bring just one body guard when they go out. What happen the only one body guard needs to go to toilet? What happen Princess Diana needs to go to the rest room ? Who will protect her ? This question definitely open up many interesting leads for many other people to investigate.

(7) Come back to the 6000cc Merceds, what level of impact can you image, in order to kill 3 people instantly? The car must be running at least above 200km/h !!! Have anybody checked the tunnel? What kind of damage has the accident caused on the wall of the tunnel?

(8) Diana’s last chauffeur not a professional driver (and drunk?). This is all rubbish ! Just image, a billionaire and a princess, going out for dinner and use a security officer as chauffeur ? Please ask youself, these rich people will only use the best driver they can

employed under the sun, don’t ever believe this kind of lousy excuse.

(9) Also, anyone apart from the royal family and high ranking officials saw the dead bodies? Any pictures shot on the bodies ? NO!

(10) Dodi has an established movie studio located in Hollywood, USA. What kind of movies cannot be produced by Hollywood magic ???

(11) As for meeting Prince William & Harry, this is the most simplest problem to solve, anytime they feel like it, they can call each other, using Satelite video conferencing, the princes can meet her at the small tropical island anytime anyday !

(12) Also, with the most advance technology in plastic surgery (pls compare Michael Jackson’s before and after) , can you still recognise her after a few months?

With this perfect setup, Princess Diana can get back her very own private life, and Prince Charles can finally marries Camilla, his long time girl friend……, what a best idea!

The above are the most prominent reasons why I said Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed are still alive and enjoying good life, the use of the entire car crush incident is the only way Princess Diana can think of in order to enjoy her private life forever. Hence, please send my

regards to both of them next time anyone of you happen to meet someone look exactly like Princess Diana !!!

LP: Even with 12 points I can’t give this tissue of conjecture a plausibilty rating of at more than 1/10. But one thing does interest me. Is the obsession with toilets a by-product of your name, John?

No theory just wondering

From: Bill Staab
Subject: No theory just wondering
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 12:29:13 -0400

Apparently, some sort of a “911” call was made to French police. Why hasn’t the tape been released to the public? It is claimed that one of the “paparazzi” (theres that buzz word to invoke hate again) made the call. You would think that they would have said who was in the car. Even more basic is the fact that the paparazzi was on the scene when the police showed up. With that many photographers at an accident scene in a country where horrible accidents are common. If I were a police officer I would be curious as to why they were there and who was in the car. The police and rescue workers claim that they did not know who was in the car for almost an hour. HMMMM

LP: That’s the kind of stuff we’re looking for. A few more ‘just wonderings’, Bill, and you’ll have yourself a bone fide, all out theory.


From: “Dorian S. Araneda”
Subject: theory

Either the royal family or the Dodi’s family did not approve of their marrage. (mostly for racist reasons) Royals could not accept the possiblity of the future king having an Arab stepfather.

Solution: get someone acting as a photographer on a motorcycle to cut off Diana’s car in the tunnel. This would account for eye wittness accounts of the CRASH then the screeching of tires they heard. This is because the driver had no time to break as he swerved out of the way. He hit the barrier and the car screeched as it bounced off and hit the tunnel wall.

As for the driver being drunk with a 1.7 alc level the security cam video at the restaruant suggests otherwise. He did not go the bar or appear drunk in any way and in fact looked quite alert. Thus the autopsy has been tampered with and anything could have happened to the deal occupants of the car and we may never know the truth. May god look over her children and may the strength of their mother live in them for the rest of their lives.

LP: This is the kind of thing that Lew was rattling on about. Conspiracies are great, but they have to be based on something a bit more tangible than supposed, never-heard-of-before prejudice. Back of the class Dorian!

Henri Paul – Possible Suicide Assassin

From: “Howie Powie”
Subject: Henri Paul – Possible Suicide Assassin.
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 01:34:41 +1000

Its not a theory, I just have this gut feeling that it will be found out in time that the driver Henri Paul had wanted to commit suicide for some time.

Any one that has tried to commit suicide and lived would understand that being in the position he was in is a good way to make sure every one in the world knew who he was. There is already signs of this with the news that he was an attention seeker, most people that commit suicide do it for the sake of attention. If this is the case then Diana wrong place at the wrong time. Sad.I hope its as simple as this, cause the alternative is going to be messy for all concerned.

LP: Plausible, but a bit too depressing to give us conspiracy theorists a real rush.

New theory

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 15:16:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: New Theory>

Queen Elizabeth, under pressure to resign the throne and having pressure exerted upon her by both the separate camps of Charles and Di, had her daughter-in-law bumped off. Face it, she’s part of the whole reason Chuck and Di divorced in the first place. Queen Elizabeth has no desire to abdicate, but now – because of Di’s death – circumstances will quickly turn on her. Expect the Queen to die by November 25th, and the crown to be passed over Prince Charles to his son, Prince William.

LP: She might be a dreary old lady, but Liz is no Michael Corleone, friend. Why Nov 25th? I mght have to bring Lew in on this one

My conspiracy Thoughts

Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 00:58:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tricia Daniels

I think that Dodi’s father made up the poem that supposedly Diana was to find on a plaque under her pillow when she returned to Dodi’s apartment the night that they died. This is The poem she never had the chance to read.

Today, Dodi’s father’s asking that Diana be buried with this poem in her coffin is just further evidance that he is taking every opportunity to try to align the relationship between his son and Diana forever. I believe that Dodi’s father had this poem concocted. That probably Dodi never wrote this. Dodi was a shallow man, not capable of such a feat.

I also think that Dodi’s father had one of his representatives throw the $200,000 ring into the wreckage so that his son could go into death looking like Diana was going to marry him.

This ring was not reported to exist until several days after the accident. If Dodi had presented Diana with the ring she would have been wearing it on her finger. If Dodi had actually bought the ring, he would have spent more than just a measly $200,000.

Dodi’s father was always a social outcast had a strange romance with British royalty. He wanted to be British royalty and had always tryed to align himself with the palace. He once purchased the expensive house of a former British Duke which he still owns. He also tried to raise his stature and world closeness to British Royalty by sponsoring an elaborate auction of British Royal artifacts in New York.

Like father, like son, They were both Publicity Sharks. Both loved being on the front pages of papers. Dodi loved the pics of him and Diana on the tabloid pages so much that his assistants probably alerted the press to Dodi and Di’s every move.

Long before Dodi produced the movie “Hook” in the late 1980’s he hired Hollywood Publicists to represent him. Dodi’s Hollywood press agents threw some elaborate dinners in top Los Angeles restaurants where top media writers and TV news producers and talent coordinators were invited. Dodi payed the bills for these elaborate dinners. He only wanted the top press to know who he was. He wanted to be on the interview shows and wanted to be a Hollywood player in the worst way.

When he couldn’t receive much press on his own accord he needed alternative means to get himself into the papers and onto the TV shows. To increase his media profile, Dodi went after every starlet he could. Brooke Shields, Cathy Lee Crosby, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, etc. Every time a new female star emergered Dodi was on their trail. He wanted to be a player/sex symbol in the worst way. Dodi even dated busty, lusty strippers in New York.

Getting back to the ring, Dodi’s father hired the jeweler across the street from the Ritz to make statements to the press about this so-called $200,000 ring. $200,000 is a very skimpy price for a ring that would be presented to Diana. If Dodi had really bought the ring, he would have spent more like a million on a ring for Diana if he really wanted to make a world statement about their love.

Probably in haste, this ring was the most expensive ring that the jeweler had on hand that Dodi’s father could quickly acquire to have thrown into the wreckage. That way Dodi’s father could align himself to British Royalty forever as well as align his son to the palace for the rest of eternity.

LP: What did Dodi ever do to you? Or shouldn’t we ask?

A street map of central Paris

From: “Alex Tokareff”
Subject: a street map of central Paris
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 12:21:07 +0400

I would like to confirm with someone from Paris this theory I found on Internet: ” I just been looking at a street map of central Paris and something bothers me. The car is supposed to have left the Ritz hotel at 11PM and crushes at the L’alma tunnel after a chase reaching 120mph at 11:30PM. The distance between these two lokations is no more than 2 miles. A distance could be easily walked in half an hour!”Lily

LP: Good point. Any Young Parisians out there care to help Alex out?

If Di were to have more kids…

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 17:18:15 -0400
From: Ben McLaughlin

Has any one ever stopped to think about what would happen if Di were to have more kids with Dodi or someone else? One of her sons will be the king of England. If she started another family, the kids would be the half brothers/sisters to the king of England at some point in time. They would be capable of claiming either wealth and power based upon their blood connection. And since the people love Di, they’d be pretty happy to acknowledge her kids. The Royal Family wouldn’t be too happy. Something had
to go.

How many British civil wars have started because legitimate or illegitamate half brothers try to claim the throne? Couldn’t someone somewhere have decided that it would be better to kill Di and company than send England through a civil war?

It’s my opinion. It’s my reality. Invert Reality Now!

LP: All this talk of blood is making me thirsty. But I won’t be sipping at your fount, Ben, you Middle ages revivalist, you.

Hello there!

From: “Sandra Wescott”
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 1997 18:55:06 PDT
Subject: Hello there!

This is an additional theory to my previous article (The Accident Scenario, Sept 7). I’m trying to figure out some motives that were likely strong enough to have Dodi and Diana BOTH murdered.

1. Landmines traders

Even if Diana’s campaign of landmines would have a great success, there’s no such a way to make sure whether the landmines manufacturers/traders will really stop making it. They just have to wait and cooling down before start making and selling the mines around the world again.

Russia, USA, and perhaps some others countries had signed the treaty to stop the nuclear missiles productions. Yet there was a report said that US had been upgrading their ICBM nuclear warheads with the new and modern ones. US spokesman denied that they were breaking the treaty, they didn’t make new missiles, just upgrading the old ones. He said that “if you have an old car and you replace the engine with the new one, then you can’t say it is a new car. It’s still an old car”. As for mines traders, they will also find a way to sell their products without breaking the treaty, just exploiting weaknesses of its clause(s).

So, my theory is that Diana’s involvement in landmines ban campaign didn’t make strong enough motive for them to kill her.

2. British Goverment or Royal Family

The Queen didn’t like her former daughter-in-law very much because Diana didn’t fit the royal’s protocols or tradition. Recent news reports said there was a fight between the Queen and Spencer family regarding the funerals (check out Yahoo! Headlines, but I suggest you to read between the lines). Why did the Queen so deeply angry with her? What was the most possible strong motive for the Queen that could have her deployed Her Majesty’s Secret Services to kill Diana?

What about Diana’s love affairs? No, that’s not possible. If Diana’s lover was a simple ordinary people like James Hewitt, James Gilbey or that Rugby Captain, the Queen could just have them bribed or blackmailed to get them away from Diana’s life.

As for Barry Manerkey, Diana’s former bodyguard, I think they didn’t be able to bribed or blackmailed him. That was why the goverment sent him to the Gulf War hoping that one of Iraqi’s bullet would finished him. When Barry survived from the war, suddenly he was killed in a motorcycle crash accident. {Hmmm… that’s interesting, isn’t it?}

It was reported that former Diana’s lover was Hasnat Khan, a muslim Pakistan medical doctor. This was only a rumours, and the Queen didn’t take it seriously.

Dodi-Diana’s relationship was a real threat to the Queen/British goverment. Dodi’s father had helped John Major’s goverment down. This relationship could lead to an embarassment to the British govt. Now, this is one good motive to destroy Dodi-Diana’s affair but not strong enough to have them BOTH murdered. For this reason, they could have murdered only Dodi alone, it was unnecessary to kill Diana. She was the unofficial British ambassador, mother of the future King, and still the Princess of Wales.

What about those Islam-related stories? I’m interested in those theories that described the damage to the British or Christian if Diana married a muslim man. Please read the article “Diana’s Conversion to Islam…”, Sept 4 below, as well as the other Islam related articles.

As a matter of fact, Diana’s interest in Islam had been sprung up a long time before she seriously involved with Dodi. She visited a mosque at Lahore, Pakistan in 1991 and the great Al-Azhar mosque, Egypt in 1992. Her friend, Jemima, has been changed her faith to Islam when married Imran Khan. Diana supported her, and didn’t broke her friendship.

Pakistan newspaper, The National, quoted the Lahore Mosque’s Imam (the mosque’s leader), Abdul Qadir Azad that said that Diana talked to him she was interested in Islam and would like a muslim man as her lifemate if she could find a good one. I recall that at 1991, her marriage was in a bad mood already.

Her last interview with Richard Kay of Daily Mail, 6 hours before the accident, said that she was about to change her life … radically. Oh well, if she married a muslim man and coverted to Islam that would very very radical from the Queen or British goverment point of view. Diana was about to make a statement soon after she arrive at Britain. This statement would probably very devastating, now the Queen\British govt had had a motive to STOP (not KILL) her. They could just kill Dodi alone, this will ruined her plan totally.

However, the Queen\British govt were aware of Diana’s possible pregnancy. She last seen photographed in her swimsuit, not so svelt and has slighty round stomach. If Diana was being pregnant, they could not accept it. It would be so devastating. Therefore they decided to kill both of them. Diana was a former kindergarten teacher, she loved children very much, it was unlikely to have her aborted her pregnancy.

My theory is, the combination of Diana’s plan to marry Dodi, her plan to convert her faith to Islam, and her pregnancy was a very strong motive to kill BOTH of them.

Based on this, the Queen or British goverment then deployed a group of assasin, possibly with French govt’s help, to kill them. The plan was to make an accident, even though they could destroy a light armoured Mercedes with a special bullet. But, an accident would be a very common case, wouldn’t it? For the British’ sake, everyone is expendable.

3. Al-Fayed family

A son is very valuable for an Arabian man. It’s the same for a British man. Dodi was a heir to the Al-Fayed’s bussiness empire, and marrying Diana Princess of Wales would give them considerable advantages.

Mohammed Al-Fayed probably was not a perfect muslim, but I didn’t think he ordered to kill them. Why did he bother to arrange an assasination when he wouldn’t get any advantage of it? Not to mention that he will lost his son.

4. Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Agency

Taking the above Diana-Dodi marriage plan, her conversion to Islam, Al-Fayed’s family relationship to the Saudi Arabia royal’s family and Diana’s popularity into account, I’ve came accross an idea that Mossad killed them.

It was possible that the Queen Elizabeth II or the British Govt not so cold blooded to have Diana-Dodi murdered. They could probably just denied Diana’s access to her children or freezed Al-Fayed’s bussiness.

However, with Diana as Dodi’s wife (and became a muslim), the Egypt (or Arabian) would have great international political advantages. The bound within British and Arabian would be too powerful than Israel can handle. Dodi’s relationship with the Saudi Royal’s family could make the Egypt and the Saudi becoming an ally against the Israel.

With Diana’s popularity, what would it be if Diana launched a campaign against Israel on the behalf of the Arabian? Sooner or later, every people in every country will force their goverment to take an action against the Israel.

If you read US newspapers a few months ago, there was a report saying that Israeli spies eavesdropped and intercepted communication traffic of a high-rank US goverment official. We all knew that US is a strong and trusted ally of the Israel. If the Israels were spying their very trusted ally, there’s no doubt that they would kill persons like Diana and Dodi.

This theory probably will explains why was too many ‘American tourist’ in Paris, in the midnight, around the L’Alma tunnel at that time. Mossad could use that role as the cover. The CIA probably helped them too.

Mossad could kill them by themselves or they strongly stressed this possible Israel’s future problem on to the assasins leader’s ear.

LP: You need more evidence of the Islam thing, friend. Di was attracted by Catholicism, astrology and various new age occult movements.