Diana, Princess of Wales: Magnificent Seven Di Lifestyle Sites


Conspiracy Theories. Photo Credit: stevecadman. C.C.License
Conspiracy Theories
The major conspiracy theories so far…
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Messages sent to LondonNet after The Princess’s death…
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Diana's London
Diana’s London
Key London places in Diana’s all too brief life… More Info
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Diana’s Lovers
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Diana’s London

History of Diana through London
Magnificent Seven Di Lifestyle Sites

Magnificent Seven Di Lifestyle Sites

1) San Lorenzo’s, Knightsbridge – Still one of the trendiest restaurants in London, and reckoned to be Diana’s favourite, it was also important to the Princess as the eatery she often used as a place to meet her old friends.

2) McDonalds, especially the Kensington High Street branch
– Sons William and Harry are big fans of the hamburger and Di was often seen trawling after her offspring into this branch of the outlet.

3) Versace, New Bond Street – Diana was keen on Gianni Versace designs although she eschewed the more obviously garish creations of the late Italian. A close friend, Diana was given a front pew at Versace’s funeral in Rome, just weeks before her own.

4) Marks and Spencers, Marble Arch – Diana’s ability to switch from the elite to the mass market was never demonstrated better than in her love for M&S, the department store which provides the undergarments for the bulk of the UK population. The flagship branch often allowed Di a private buying spree behind closed doors.

5) Chelsea Harbour Gym – Diana moved gyms with a frequency that would have any fitness instructor out of breath but it is probably this one that most associate with her name. It was here that she met rugby star Will Carling and also where she enjoyed trysts with Oliver Hoare.

6) Harvey Nicholls, Knightsbridge – Girls of Diana’s breeding flock to this up market department store, and the Princess was no exception,
although she presumably didn’t frequent the fifth?? floor bar which is renowned as an upper crust pick up joint.

7) English National Ballet – Diana was a promising ballerina as a young girl and retained a passion for dance throughout her life. A frequent visitor to the ballet, the ENB company was one of her top five charities.