Diana, Princess of Wales: Diana’s Lovers


Conspiracy Theories. Photo Credit: stevecadman. C.C.License
Conspiracy Theories
The major conspiracy theories so far…
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Your Condolences. Photo Credit: Dave Heuts. CC License.
Messages sent to LondonNet after The Princess’s death…
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Diana's London
Diana’s London
Key London places in Diana’s all too brief life… More Info
Prince Charles.
Diana’s Lovers
The men that shook the English throne…
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Diana’s Lovers


When she married Prince Charles in 1981, Diana, Princess of Wales, was a virgin, a status infamously tested by the Royal Family before they would allow the heir to the throne to step down the aisle.

But by the time her marriage had disintegrated around her, Diana was already well adept at spreading her … wings, despite the fact she once claimed to have been a nun in a previous existence. Until her final, passionate affair with Dodi Al Fayed, it appears that Diana was not interested in a long term link up but merely craved close human contact. “If I fall in love,” she said, “the sparks will fly and god help us.”

In a unique LondonNet guide, we bring you the ten men, from bodyguard to rugby star, who may or may not have shared physical intimacies with Diana, one of the most apparently untouchable icons of them all.

Ten Men That Shook The Throne
(listed in chronological order)

Prince Charles – big ears, big ego, big trouble
Barry Mannakee – body to body guard
David Waterhouse – man in uniform
James Gilbey – loyalty gets its reward
James Hewitt – Di: “I adored him”
Oliver Hoare – paints a nice picture
William Carling – scrum down with rugby star
Doctor Hasnar Khan – knew how to care for a woman
Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For Di
Dodi Fayed – true love at last