LondonNet’s Top 10 Films

This week’s top ten trending films, courtesy of LondonNet.
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Week Ending Tuesday 17th March 2020

1. [ - ] Misbehaviour (12A)

An outspoken wing of the Women's Liberation Movement plans a high-profile protest outside the 1970 Miss World beauty pageant organised by Eric Morley and his wife Julia. The activists buy tickets to the pageant, secretly infiltrate the audience and plan to disrupt the live TV broadcast.

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2. [ 1 ] Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (15)

In mid-18th century Brittany, La Comtesse secretly hires painter Marianne to produce a portrait of her daughter Heloise, to present as a gift to an Italian nobleman. As the two women spend time together, sparks of attraction unexpectedly crackle between them.

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3. [ 2 ] Dark Waters (15)

Mild-mannered defence lawyer Robert Bilott represents some of America's most powerful chemicals companies. Farmer Wilbur Tennant, who lives in Parkersburg, West Virginia, contacts Rob to prove that his cow herd has been decimated by a leak from a nearby chemical plant.

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4. [ - ] And Then We Danced (15)

Merab trains as at the National Georgian Ensemble alongside partner Mary. A new addition to the company, Irakli, makes an immediate impact. At first, Merab harbours jealousy but as the two men spend more time together, lingering glances arouse unspoken attraction.

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5. [ 6 ] Onward (U)

Ian Lightfoot and his older brother Barley live in New Mushroomton with their mother Laurel. When Ian turns 16, the boys receive a magician's staff, a glittering Phoenix Gem and instructions for an incantation that will supposedly reanimate their dead father for 24 hours.

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6. [ - ] Calm With Horses (15)

Paudi Devers and his brother Hector are drug dealers, who preside over a vast network. Their cousin Dympna is a lieutenant in the operation and he is entrusted to oversee former boxer Douglas, who doles out beatings at the Devers' command.

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7. [ 4 ] Parasite (15)

Kim Ki-woo lives in a cramped basement apartment with his family. His friend Min-hyuk recommends him as an English tutor for teenager Park Da-hae. With help from his sister, Ki-woo falsifies his educational qualifications to impress Da-hae's wealthy mother Yon-kyo and father Dong-ik.

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8. [ 3 ] Military Wives (12A)

When duty calls and troops are deployed from Flitcroft military base to Afghanistan, colonel's wife Kate takes charge of rallying the women. She steps on the toes of social secretary Lisa and friction between the two leaders threatens to undermine efforts to establish the base's first choir.

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9. [ - ] Bacurau (18)

Teresa returns to the Brazilian town of Bacurau in a state of emotional turmoil for her grandmother's funeral. She is shocked to discover that the water supply was stopped several months ago. When gunshots ring out, Teresa becomes embroiled in the fate of the community.

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10. [ 7 ] The Invisible Man (15)

Cecilia escapes the clutches of her abusive and violent boyfriend, Adrian Griffin, aided by a close-knit group of family and friends. Subsequently, she becomes convinced that someone is hunting her and Cecilia's paranoia spirals out of control.

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