Sponsored Post: If I were a betting man…

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IF I WERE A BETTING MAN – and I am – I would be prepared to wager that few people would look better on a classic 1920s Italian sailing boat than English actor Jude Law.

So it seems appropriate therefore that the Talented Mr Law should currently be appearing in a viral video for Johnnie Walker called The Gentleman’s Wager whereupon he gambles for the favour of an immaculate, bygone-age yacht. The wager in question takes place between Law and Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini aboard said craft, while the trio are bobbing around in the aqua-marine blue waves surrounding the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

In a novel twist, Law stakes not money but a dance to win the boat from the intrigued Giannini. The Italian accepts and thus we see the Englishman setting upon hours of practice to overwhelm his friend. Such is his eventual performance that the boat indeed becomes his. This, however is only the cue for Giannini to wager for the boat back…

These salty shenanigans are directed by Jake Scott to promote the premium end Blue Label blended whisky from Diageo’s Johnnie Walker range. The suave pairing of June Law and Giancarlo Giannini mix together to replicate the seasoned and knowledgeable image of the premium brand’s intended drinker.

In contrast to the rum-swilling pirates who once called the coves and lookouts of the British Virgin Islands home in the golden age of Caribbean privateers, these two bon viveurs are keen to show that they know that life is but a drink and a dance and best conducted in style.

Post sponsored by Johnnie Walker Blue Label