Sponsored Post: A truly game changing vocation in science

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IT SEEMS TO ME that too much of the modern world is based upon fame for the sake of fame. There was a time when you were famous for doing the big things.

Take sport. You could argue for days on end as to who was the world’s greatest sportsman. Like many I’ll throw my hat in the ring for heavyweight boxer and multiple world champion Muhammed Ali. Cassius Clay as he was born didn’t just triumph on the canvas, he shone even brighter away from it. A mighty advocate of civil rights in a troubled 1960s America, his humanity went well beyond his own black community. He had his titles stripped and was sent to prison for refusing to fight in the Vietnam war. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” said Ali.

And industry. While we may all have a regular moan about Microsoft software I’m betting founder Bill Gates will be better remembered by his pledge to give away most of his fortune to the Gates Foundation and the work that has thus been enabled in the developing world in key areas such as health and education. Even the inventor of the truly destructive dynamite Alfred Nobel is far better known now for the Peace Prize given as his legacy.

So rather than yearn for a spot in the qualifiers and knock out rounds of the x Factor and the like why not seek to use your creativity in a truly game changing vocation; science. That’s the message this week of British based health and hygiene giant RB. Through their Make Your Move initiative they are encouraging a new wave of innovation-minded candidates to come and join them in their bid to create the new. With a headache inspiring list of existing products from Gaviscon to Durex you’ll need a a Nurofen to take it all in. Thankfully they make those too.

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