Riding Around the Twitter Loop

“Been out of Twitter loop for few days, feel so out of touch! Whats been happening? Whos in, whos out?” asks @Lumacoustics on the @LondonNet Twitter feed.

It’s a familiar feeling to the sad cases amongst us who can’t help but check up on Twitter all the time. But a few days? A few seconds would have me in a cold sweat…

To answer Lumacoustics (and give us an excuse to read even more tweets), today, 15 October, there’s been reaction to Boris Johnson’s fare increase. “oh how nice to see bus and tran fares are going up AGAIN, plus cngestion charge up to £10…ouch,” says @madaleigh in a typical response.

@SuaveRepublique takes a harder line. “Hilarious straw haired buffoon, great, but right here’s where you start paying,” is his take. Luckily, @miss_terri has hatched a plan so she won’t have to pay said “straw-haired buffoon”.

“I think I’m going to start taking a horse and cart around town,” she says.

The authorities don’t like that insurrectionary talk, though, as @ianvisitsreports that he’s, “Just seen what looked like four small army boats heading into central London. Is there a coup?”

Keep your head down, miss teri, whatever you do, but choose a position under the duvet that lets you see out the window, because, as @promsell says, it’s a “beautiful morning here in london we are having a very good autumn”.

I always like to end on an upbeat when I read Twitter, which is why I left out @rahaaas disturbing tweet about a “Lady at ‘reception’ of Soho strip bar eating a kebab. Dear god, that will stay with me”.

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