Olympics ConDem-ed to Uncertainty

Best get your deck chairs ready if you fancy going to watch the London Olympics, because there might not be a stadium for you to sit in.

Incoming Culture and Sport Minister Jeremy Hunt revealed on TV on Wednesday that Olympic funding has “not been ring-fenced”, which in politics-speak means, “I can’t find my wallet”.

Investment in London is also to be whipped away in the form of the death knell for Heathrow’s third runway.

Loads of people are anti- that piece of kit for environmental reasons and fair enough, but it’s not like the money saved is going to be shelled out on a network of proper cycle lanes or something. Bye-bye construction jobs.

A big test for the new government’s plans for our economy will come with the decision on Crossrail. Rumours abound, but at the moment, Boris Johnson is on a promise from his old university chum.

“David Cameron looked me in the eye,” BJ told the Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan this week, “and said ‘We’re going to do it.'”

Sounds good, but then new Health minister Andrew Lansbury has announced the NHS needs to save £20 billion, despite promises to, yes, “ring-fence” his department.

If they ConDem Crossrail, maybe we could raise some cash by selling tickets to the subsequent Dave v. Boris wrestling match? Bring your own deck chair, obviously.