Kicking shins at the Magic Circle (Blog)

For a short time many years ago I earned some extra cash working as a magician assistant’s assistant, a bouncer-type job which mostly involved stopping little kids rifle through the boss’s bag of tricks.

Those kids – even the little angels who’d happily kick you in the shin to get past – were fascinated by the magic and were desperate to know how it was done.

Unfortunately, you don’t really get that sense of fascination from the new magic-based film, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, as our review makes clear. But anyway, magic is far better live than on film.

A great place to start is the legendary Magic Circle, whose HQ is near Euston station. The Circle runs regular public events, including Meet the Magic Circle nights and the full-on The Magic Circle Experience, which delves into the long history of the mysterious arts.

As a heads-up, I’ll be the one with sharp-toed boots trying to kick my way back-stage.