Creepy Car Parks Lurk Under Our Streets

Underground car parks creep me out. Partly that’s because I never managed to escape the garage section in the PlayStation game Driver, but mostly, it’s the low lighting, the distant tyre screeches and that shallow puddle – why-did-I-wear-flip-flops?! – of last night’s urine. Yours for two hundred thousand quid.

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That’s what some lucky punter paid for the world’s most expensive car parking space somewhere under the gilded streets of Knightsbridge. What’s more, it was a bargain compared to renting a space. At around £1,000 a month, London’s car parking charges are the highest on the planet and probably beyond. That’s about £3.80 an hour.

At those rates, £7 would buy you just enough time to watch Cars 2, not far off what a film ticket itself costs.

You might as well stay in the car park for real 3D drama and find out what happens when they turn out the lights, when the secret behind the tyre screech is revealed and why someone was so scared they wet themselves.