Featuring ‘Live Life, Don’t Watch It’ (Sponsored Video by PUMA)

There’s a lesser known Martin Scorsese movie from 1985 called After Hours that I’ve often thought would be worthy of a re-make in a contemporary London setting.

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The original sees an 80s yuppie stranded in the kooky and kinky late night environs of New York’s SoHo, with chilling and amusing results in equal measure. What price a preppy young City banker facing the same out-of-his-depth survival game in an after-hours Dalston or Brixton?

In spite – or perhaps because – of the pervading sense of danger, unplanned nights out in strange quarters of town can be amongst the most invigorating we encounter. A fast-beating pulse the fuel for the ultimate Joie de vivre.

It seems we’re not alone in this yearning to get off of the sofa, ditch the TV and get out to taste life in the urban sprawl. The PUMA social video ‘Live Life, Don’t Watch It’ shown here reels at the banality of ‘today’s reality television climate’ urging people to start creating ‘their own stories’.

Peter Clee

This post is sponsored by PUMA