Vendetta is the latest in list of London revenge films - meet seven of the most memorable


Great to see Danny Dyer is brave enough to make another London revenge movie, Vendetta. Gives us a chance to list a magnificent seven revenge films set in London, and to mention Dyer's Outlaw out-takes:

Dial M for Murder - Ray Milland plots vengeance on straying wife Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock's claustrophobic classic.

Get Carter - Michael Caine takes his vengeance-filled 60s London character up north.

Dirty Weekend - A woman who's had enough takes gruesome revenge on a stalker, then gets the taste for more male blood.

Snatch - Rival gangs all want revenge on each other in Guy Ritchie's loveable London cartoon-thriller.

V for Vendetta - Wearing Guy Fawkes masks, the people of a future London rise up against a fascist regime.

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - Johnny Depp is on a secret mission of payback, using human flesh as his lure.

Circle of Revenge - set on the mean streets of south London, this tough gang movie started life as a series on the internet.

Outlaw - Crummy film made famous by the hilarious commentary on its DVD in which Danny Dyer takes revenge on the critics.