Fireworks Night Twice Over as Diwali Lights Up Guy Fawkes


First time for 38 years that the two events have fallen on same day

Fireworks Night Twice Over as Diwali Lights Up Guy Fawkes.

MESSAGE to Guy Fawkes: never mind the Protestants, it's the Hindus and Sikhs you want to worry about this year.

The Catholic firestarter goes up against Diwali, the Festival of Lights, this 5 November, the first time since 1972 that the two events have fallen on the same day.

Since then, Diwali has expanded out of its Indian community base to become an annual landmark in the London festival calendar. The main official celebrations were held last weekend on Trafalgar Square, but that won't stop thousands of local Diwali events going ahead.

Luckily for Fawkes and co., what's good for Diwali is good for Bonfire Night, as the Hindu/Sikh celebration takes place on the night of the darkest moon of the lunar month, so not only will there be double the fireworks this year, but you'll see them twice as well.

Here are some of the best organised displays fired up for the weekend:

Friday 5 November
Clapham Common
Fireworks at 7.30pm, Free

Saturday 6 November
Battersea Park
Fireworks at 8pm, £6

Roundwood Park
Fireworks at 8pm, Free

Sunday 7 November
Victoria Park
Fireworks at 7.30pm, Free

Richmond Athletic Ground
Fireworks at 6.30pm, £8

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