Easter in London Hotter Than the Med.

Easter in London Hotter than the Mediterranean

LONDON’S SUN-WORSHIPPERS this year can avoid the airport queues and mad dash to the Channel ports and stay in the capital to enjoy a blisteringly hot Easter.

With temperatures set to sit in the mid-twenties throughout the Bank Holiday weekend, the Thames basin is pretty much the warmest place in Europe. Swanky celeb-spots such as the Mediterranean’s Cannes and Barcelona, will struggle to reach 19C, with cloud and rain promising to spoil the holiday party. Pity too those heading off to Turkey, where unseasonally cold temperatures mean that the gateway to the East will peak at a measly 12C.

Whilst some will travel to the beaches of our own shores, the smart money says it’s a great chance to relax in our parks and open spaces and soak in that sun.

Predicted Highs*
London 24C (Sunshine)
Cannes 19C (Cloud and Rain)
Barcelona 17C (Cloud and Rain)
Istanbul 12C (Cloud and Sun)

*BBC’s predicted peak temperatures in Degrees Celsius from Thursday 21st of April to Monday 24th of April (as of 21 April)
Source: BBC Weather

Photo: ‘The Holme in Regent’s Park’ by damo1977, Creative Commons License

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