Harry Styles' mum slaps ban on tattoos, says they cause his spotty skin

Harry Styles' mum slaps ban on tattoos, says they cause his spotty skin

Harry Styles' mother Anne Cox has told him to stop getting inked so much because she is concerned his tattoo habit is getting "out of hand" and that it is to blame for the One Direction star's bad skin.

Mama Cox's intervention has already chalked up one success - successfully convincing the 18-year-old not to get a tattoo of his name in Japanese calligraphy.

A source said: "Harry's mum is worried his tattoo collection is getting out of hand.

"She thinks he's getting addicted to sitting in the artist's chair.

"She's concerned about the lasting effects of the scribbles all over his body and thinks he could live to regret some of them.

"Harry loves the Japanese symbols. He's determined to have Japanese calligraphy on him.

"It wouldn't surprise me if he gets it done sneakily."

The Kiss You hitmakers' mentor Simon Cowell has also urged the pop star to give his tattoo habit a rest after he got inked more than 30 times in the last 12 months.

The source added to the Daily Star: "Simon gave him some gentle advice suggesting he gives it a break for a while and reassess.

"Harry has had over 30 tattoos in the last year. His mum is also concerned the ink could be the reason he gets such bad skin.

"She's told him he'll get even more spotty if he continues, not just on his face."

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