St Patrick's Day: Irish Pubs

St. Patrick's Day 2012. Photo Credit: Scott Robinson. C.C.License

St Patrick's Day in London: Traditions
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St Patrick's Day in London: Festivities
London's St. Patrick's Day festivities...
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St Patrick's Day in London: Irish Pubs
Irish Pubs
Drink Guiness in a traditional Irish pub...
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St Patrick's Day in London: Fancy Dress Costumes
Fancy Dress
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Irish Pubs in London

The Claddagh Ring in Hendon
The Claddagh Ring in Hendon. Photo Credit: hyku. C.C.LicenseThe Claddagh Ring pub is a traditional Irish pub. It has a beer garden and outdoor seating, food is also served and the pub often puts on live music events.
The Good Ship in Kilburn
The Good Ship in Kilburn. Photo Credit: nordicdesign. C.C.LicenseA traditional Irish pub in Kilbrun.
Hammersmith & Fulham Irish Centre in Hammersmith
Hammersmith & Fulham Irish Centre in Hammersmith. Photo Credit: SuperFantastic. C.C.LicenseHammersmith & Fulham Irish Centre offers ongoing courses in Gaelic language, art, music, education and culture. They open late for concerts and gigs and also have a fully licensed bar.
The Morrison Bar & Lounge in Fulham
The Morrison Bar & Lounge in Fulham Photo Credit: stvcr. C.C.LicenseAnother great Irish pub in Fulham. 648 King's Road, Fulham, London, SW6 2DU.
O'Neill's Irish Bar
O'Neill's Irish Bar. Photo Credit: Barnaby. C.C.LicenseO'Neill's - one of the largest Irish bar brand in the world - the place to meet friends, have fun and enjoy the music.
The Tipperary in The City
The Tipperary in The City. Photo Credit: Ewan-M. C.C.LicenseThe Tipperary is London's oldest Irish pub and serves a variety of traditional pub meals including some vegetarian dishes. It is reportedly the first pub outside Ireland to serve both draught and bottled Guinness.
The Toucan in Soho
The Toucan in Soho. Photo Credit: freddie boy. C.C.LicenseThe Toucan is an independent pub that serves a variety of traditional Irish and Celtic dishes. They also provide a range of extras including satellite TV and live music.
Waxy O'Connor's in London Chinatown
Waxy O'Connor's in London Chinatown. Photo Credit: Eleonore H.. C.C.LicenseWaxy O'Connor's feels like a tree house for Irish-hearted adults. There's a warmth to the pub, which is no small task considering the deceivingly sizable space it takes up in between the epicenters of Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.