St Patrick's Day: Festivities

St. Patrick's Day 2012. Photo Credit: Scott Robinson. C.C.License

St Patrick's Day in London: Traditions
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St Patrick's Day in London: Festivities
London's St. Patrick's Day festivities...
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St Patrick's Day in London: Irish Pubs
Irish Pubs
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St Patrick's Day in London: Fancy Dress Costumes
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Here in London, there are a number of options for anyone wanting to embrace Ireland on Saturday 17 March.

St. Patrick's Day Parade
Sunday 18 March 2012, Hyde Park Corner to Whitechapel, via Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square
Starts at 12 noon
In case you're wondering why exactly the St. Patrick's Day Parade isn't on St. Patrick's Day, there is a very good reason. Dublin and London have united for a sort of shared parade. What that means is that London will have its St. Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday 14 and then all of the performers will hop on a plane and head to Dublin's parade (it is their holiday, after all). Aside from those performers, there will be marching bands and floats and other parade sorts of things coloured green.

St Patricks Day London Festival
Sunday 18 March 2012, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Covent Garden
11.30am – 6pm
Around the same time the parade is starting, droves of people will be heading to three major areas in London to celebrate the day away. Revellers will be able to see Irish dancing troupe Ceili Mor along with a showcase of Irish craftspeople in Leicester Square and sample Irish food and music in Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.
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