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Hiram Green has a nose for things. He studied fine arts in Canada, and somewhere between working at a perfumery and wanting to own his own shop, he's developed the unique capability for identifying personality and purpose and coupling them with a particular scent.

Scent Systems is his pride and joy: a tiny, bright green room with glass shelves full of little flasks, there is barely enough room to spread your arms. Still, this is part of its intimate charm.

Green generated Scent Systems in response to the heightened popularity of branded perfumes, containing mostly alcohol and ad campaigns, in order to persuade consumers that ancient perfume methodology reaps great nostril rewards.

His collection, then, is fastidiously selected for quality, content and preparation, with an eye for up-coming contemporary perfumers and strange combinations of ingredients. Green considers Scent Systems a 'fragrance gallery', and with its heady welcome and Green's own gentle suggestions, happy customers are often.

Scent Systems is a not-to-miss stop in LondonNet's collective shopping mind.

Aroma Guidance …

Take heed from Hiram:

"Each perfumer has a different message they're trying to convey and your perfume depends on what message you want to convey."

Best Perfume To Wear at An Overly Trendy Bar:
Yosh - Stargazer
Yosh - Omniscent

"Both fragrances are very clean and sensual in the way that when people smell this on you, there's going to be a reaction," Green says.

Best Perfume To Wear With Your Red Lipstick At the Opera
Aroma Sciences - Amora Perfumes - Divine Passione
Champaca, amber, orange flower, violet and sandalwood create a long score of scents that unravel while you wear them. The hand crafted wooden boxes that come with the scents, to Green, create a ritual much like that with jewellery, which makes the Aroma Sciences scents perfect for formal occasions.

Best Perfume To Wear If You're Madonna At A Chelsea Dinner Party
Aftelier - Pink Lotus
This perfume was personally commissioned to keen-nosed perfumer Mandy Aftel by Madonna, and contains ancient sandalwood. Although the price is laughable in most budgets, the scent grows better with time - that is, if you have any left.

Best Perfume To Impress Office Colleagues
Creative Universe by Beth Terry - Element of Surprise
The notes in this perfume combine lemon and lime to create a scent that is "clean, refined and not 'pretty'," says Green. Although it has a confident air about it, "no one's going to stop you in the street."

- Megan M. Retka

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