Travelling to London By Train, Car, Coach, Ferry

Travelling to London by train
Travelling to London by train

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Travelling to London by Car / Limo
Driving to London

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Travelling to London by coach
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Travelling to London by ferry
Coming to England by boat

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Travelling overland (and by sea) to the UK and London has never been easier or cheaper.

Whichever way you come you will have to cross the English Channel. You can now choose between a tunnel or ferry crossing. You can travel by train, coach , ferry, or bring a car. Which you choose will depend upon your individual needs and budget.

Foot passengers from Belgium (Bruxelles) and France (Paris) take the Eurostar train through the channel tunnel. From the Netherlands (Hook van Holland) Germany (Hamburg) and Scandinavia (Esbjerg & Gothenburg) take a ferry direct to Harwich and the train from there to London.

Cars have a multitude of options from taking the tunnel (drive on board a Le Shuttle train for crossing) to dozens of ferry routes all heading towards London and the South East. Be flexible and book late for the best bargains.

Coach travel is the budget option. All major European operate direct services to London. Prices start from under a hundered dollars for cheapest returns. Book in advance.


Which is the safest way to travel across the Channel?

Despite1996’s tunnel fire, travel under the channel is relatively safe. The ferries operate under a strict safety regime too and travel is always comparatively safe by sea. The most dangerous part of your journey is sure to be the road at either end of your crossing.

Which is the cheapest way to take my car across?

Short breaks (5 day) across the busiest route (Calais ~ Dover). In the low season the ferry companies may offer cheap return prices (including car and 2-5 passengers) for under 60 UKP. Note, general prices are higher now than several years ago, in the busier periods fares may be as much as 200 UKP for a return fare (car plus 5 passengers).

Do ferries sell Duty Free goods ?

No. Duty free sales are no longer available on journeys between member states of the European Union.