Travelling to London By Car

Travelling to London by train
Travelling to London by train

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Travelling to London by Car / Limo
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Travelling to London by coach
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Travelling to London by ferry
Coming to England by boat

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General Information

For those coming from the continent we recommend the shortest crossing by ferry; Calais to Dover. You will get the best prices for both short and long stay returns, the most salings and a chance to stretch your legs and have something to eat (no restaurants on Le Shuttle). Dover to Calais 5 day returns for a car including passengers start from around 50 UKP.

When You Get Here

First things first; we drive on the left! This can be confusing for our American and European cousins who seem to get by driving on the "wrong" side of the road. If this doesn’t put you off, London traffic and non-existent parking might. However if you are still game having a car can get you around the places public transport can’t reach. It is also the ideal way to see places beyond London eg. Stonehenge, Stratford, Oxford, etc.

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Car & Le Shuttle

On-board Le Shuttle you will find no buffet, no smoking, no toilets (well almost!), no fresh air, no White Cliffs of Dover. Although you will relish a journey time of just 35 minutes (Calais to Folkestone).

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