Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

Stillwater (15)

Matt Damon as Bill in Stillwater, directed by Tom McCarthy. Photo: Jessica Forde. Copyright: Focus Features, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Construction worker Bill Baker travels from his Oklahoma hometown of Stillwater to the busy French port of Marseilles where his daughter Allison is five years into a nine-year sentence for killing her partner Lina. Allison has always maintained her innocence but the French media demonised her in the run up to the trial and her lawyer was powerless to prevent a guilty verdict. When tantalising but unsubstantiated evidence surfaces, Bill takes matters into his own hands to ensure justice is served.

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Romance of the Week

The Last Letter From Your Lover (12A)

Shailene Woodley as Jennifer Stirling and Callum Turner as Anthony O’Hare in The Last Letter From Your Lover, directed by Augustine Frizzell. Photo: Parisa Taghizadeh. Copyright: StudioCanal. All Rights Reserved.

In present day London, commitment-phobic journalist Ellie Haworth stumbles upon a misplaced love letter in the archives of her newspaper. She becomes fixated on the secret affair detailed in the missive and enlists the help of archivist Rory to piece together forbidden desire from a bygone era. Through this detective work, Ellie unravels fortunes of Jennifer Stirling and her powerful husband Laurence in 1960s London.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Zola (18)

Riley Keough as Stefani and Taylour Paige as Zola in Zola, directed by Janicza Bravo. Photo: Anna Kooris. Copyright: A24 Films. All Rights Reserved.

Detroit waitress Zola is enduring a long day at work when she serves another stripper, Stefani, and sparks an instant connection. The following day, Stefani invites Zola to join her on a trip to Tampa to perform at a club where one girl reportedly made “5 Gs a night”. Zola ignores the protestations of her boyfriend Sean and excitedly hits the road with her new friend and Stefani’s roommate Abegunde Olawale aka X and boyfriend Derrek. After a long car journey, the threats and intimidation begin.

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Also Released This Week...

Boys From County Hell (15)

Bickering father and son, Francie and Eugene Moffat, are part of a road crew who unwitting disturb the resting place of an ancient Irish vampire called Abhartach. The workers and assorted friends battle to survive the night against a bloodsucking predator.

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El Father Plays Himself (TBC)

Documentarian Mo Scarpelli follows her partner, Jorge Thielen Armand, as he attempts to rebuild bridges to his estranged Venezuela father, Jorge Thielen Hedderich, by making a fiction film based on the old man's escapades in the 1990s in the Amazon jungle.

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The Fever (12A)

Fortysomething security guard Manaus shares a home with his youngest daughter, Vanessa, whose job as a nurse will soon take her to Brasilia to study medicine. As the days tick by until Vanessa's departure, Manaus is struck down with a powerful fever, which causes him to fall asleep at work.

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Moonbound (PG)

Anne is kidnapped by the diabolical Moon Man when she attempts to help June bug Mr Zoomzeman find his wife. Anne's brother Peter embarks on a daredevil rescue mission which requires him to travel to the moon. He touches down on the Star Meadow and joins forces with sleepy Mr Sandman.

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Now, Voyager (U)

Meek and mild-mannered spinster Charlotte Vale has been worn down by constant belittlement from her formidable mother. At the behest of her sister-in-law Lisa, Charlotte seeks sanctuary in the care of psychiatrist Dr Jaquith.

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Profile (15)

Investigative journalist Amy Whittaker writes an article about recruiters from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS). She creates the fake online persona of Melody Nelson, a young woman who has recently converted to Islam, and is thrilled when IS fighter Bilel makes contact.

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The Snail And The Whale + Zog And The Flying Doctors (U)

A double-bill of short animated films based on children's picture books by Julia Donaldson MBE and Axel Scheffler. An ambitious sea snail hitches a ride on the tail of a hulking grey-blue humpback whale and Zog the flying dragon tend to the medical needs of creatures great and small.

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