Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

The Nun II (15)

Katelyn Rose Downey as Sophie and Anna Popplewell as Kate in The Nun II, directed by Michael Chaves. Photo: Bruno Calvo. Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After her harrowing experience in 1950s Romania, Sister Irene moves to France and enjoys a quieter pace of life guiding fresh-faced postulate Sister Debra. Cardinal Conroy brings dire news – the ancient evil has escaped from Romania and is moving steadily eastwards across Europe, purpose unknown. He entreats Sister Irene to stop this murderous menace once and for all, and Sister Debra defies the Abbess to provide support.

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Comedy of the Week

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (12A)

Elena Kampouris as Paris, Elias Kacavas as Aristotle, Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula, Nia Vardalos as Toula, Louis Mandylor as Nick and John Corbett as Ian in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, directed by Nia Vardalos. Photo: Yannis Drakoulidis. Copyright: Focus Features, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Following the death of her father Gus, Toula Portokalos honours his dying wish to take the entire family to his childhood village and reconnect with their Greek roots. Toula’s husband Ian joins the madcap expedition along with extended family including her brother Nick and ‘favourite’ Aunt Voula. Far from home in Chicago and the Dancing Zorba’s restaurant, different generations learn valuable lessons about compassion and remembrance.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Past Lives (12A)

Greta Lee as Nora and Teo Yoo as Hae Sung in Past Lives, directed by Celine Song. Photo: Jon Pack. Copyright: Twenty Years Rights/A24 Films. All Rights Reserved.

Arthur and playwright wife Nora are happily settled in New York. Her childhood first love Hae Sung visits the city from South Korea, supposedly on holiday, and she agrees to show him the sights. It has been more than 20 years since Nora left Seoul with her family, bound initially for Toronto, and changed her birth name of Na Young. In the interim, she has only exchanged a few video calls with Hae Sung. Nora is compelled to reflect on what might have been.

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Also Released This Week...

No More Bets (15)

Programmer Pan Sheng and model Liang Anna are enticed by the prospect of lucrative jobs overseas, blissfully unaware they are being lured into the clutches of a criminal network. Imprisoned against their will, Pan and Liang are forced to commit cyber fraud on strangers.

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La Ronde (PG)

A 4K restoration of Max Ophuls' acclaimed satire, released as part of the Save Curzon Mayfair campaign. The celebrated comedy of sexual manners adapted from Arthur Schnitzler's play, describes 10 emotionally and erotically charged encounters between different men and women.

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School Of Rock (PG)

After a run-in with his fellow band members, rock star Dewey Finn is summarily sacked. Faced with mounting debts, he decides to pose as his room mate Ned, a substitute teacher who is due to teach the 5th grade at a nearby private school.

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