Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

A Quiet Place Part II (15)

Emily Blunt as Evelyn and Noah Jupe as Marcus in A Quiet Place Part II, directed by John Krasinski. Photo: Jonny Cournoyer. Copyright: 2019 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Evelyn Abbott, her deaf daughter Regan, son Marcus and the baby abandon the family home to face the terrors of the outside world. As they venture in silence through the post-apocalyptic wilderness, the Abbott family encounters survivors like Emmett, who have turned their backs on the possibility of humankind fighting back against the sightless creatures. These otherworldly predators might not be the biggest threat to the clan’s survival.

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Drama Of The Week

Dream Horse (PG)

Toni Collette as Jan Vokes and Owen Teale as Brian Vokes in Dream Horse, directed by Euros Lyn. Photo: Kerry Brown. Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jan Vokes works as a supermarket checkout operator and a barmaid at the local working men’s club in between caring for her parents and wearily stoking the embers of her marriage to husband Brian. Competitive passions of her youth – breeding whippets for show, racing pigeons – are a distant memory until she overhears accountant Howard Davies regaling drinking buddies with stories of a horse racing syndicate. Boozy banter sows the seeds of an outlandish idea.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Gunda (PG)

Gunda directed by Victor Kossakovsky. Copyright: Altitude Film Distribution. All Rights Reserved.

A heartbreaking portrait of daily life on a farm, which reminds us of the gossamer-thin connections between mankind and billions of animals on the planet. The title refers to a sow, who is part of the ebb and flow of life on a farm along with two enterprising cows and a one-legged chicken.

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Also Released This Week...

After Love (12A)

Mary Hussein converted to Islam many years ago to marry Ahmed and she fully embraces every aspect of life as a British Muslim convert. When Ahmed dies suddenly, Mary goes through messages on her husband's mobile phone, which indicate he had a second family across the Channel.

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Ahead Of The Curve (12A)

In 1990, Frances Stevens aka Franco launched Curve magazine as a safe space for lesbians. This documentary reflects on Franco's successes as she reconfigures her life following a disabling injury, accompanied by a musical score composed by American singer-songwriter Meshell Ndegeocello.

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Bon Jovi: An Encore Drive-In Nights Concert (12A)

The Livin' On A Prayer hitmakers, who formed in 1983 in New Jersey, perform a never-before-seen concert of greatest hits, which is screened to drive-in cinemas and other venues across the world. Pre-show support comes from Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis.

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The Killing Of Two Lovers (15)

Married couple David and Nikki are in the throes of a trial separation, which has been complicated by Nikki finding a boyfriend called Derek. David struggles to grapple with his wife's new relationship and his unease is stoked by his teenage daughter Jesse, who resents her parents.

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Land (12A)

Edee is haunted by beautiful phantoms of her husband Adam and young son Drew. She entrusts her fate to Mother Nature in a remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains with a wood-burning hearth. However, Edee is ill-prepared to survive the elements.

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Nobody (15)

Mild-mannered office worker Hutch Mansell protects a helpless woman on a bus from a gang of thugs and savagely beats the attackers. One of the aggressors is the younger brother of sadistic Russian mob boss Yulian Kuznetsov.

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Shiva Baby (15)

Senor college student Danielle is on the cusp of graduating and is dabbling with the idea of law school - a subject choice that would manoeuvre her back into the orbit of old flame Maya. As Danielle contemplates her next step, she attends a day-long shiva with her parents.

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