Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

The Boy And The Heron (12A)

Natsuko (voiced by Yoshino Kimura) and the maids in The Boy And The Heron, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Copyright: Studio Ghibli/Elysian. All Rights Reserved.

In 1943, 12-year-old boy Mahito wrestles with the recent loss of his mother in a fire. His father Shoichi remarries his wife’s sister Natsuko and uproots the grief-stricken boy to a house in the countryside tended by an army of ageing maids. Left to his own devices, Mahito follows a mysterious grey heron to a dilapidated tower close to the estate where he tumbles into a magical netherworld connecting the living and the dead.

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Drama Of The Week

Ferrari (15)

Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and Gabriel Leone as Alfonso De Portago in Ferrari, directed by Michael Mann. Photo: Eros Hoagland. Copyright: Sky UK Limited/Black Bear Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Former driver and automotive mogul Enzo Ferrari faces the prospect of losing the company he has spent 10 years building with his wife Laura. The marriage is under intense strain because Enzo prefers to spend time with Lina Lardi, mother of his surviving son Pietro. To revitalise the business and increase orders for custom-made cars, Enzo gambles everything on assembling a winning team for the Mille Miglia race in the summer of 1957.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Tchaikovsky's Wife (15)

Odin Lund Biron as Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Alyona Mikhailova as Antonina Miliukova in Tchaikovsky's Wife, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. Copyright: Sovereign Films. All Rights Reserved.

Antonina Miliukova studies music under Pyotr Tchaikovsky and becomes obsessed with him, eventually suggesting marriage. A union would be highly beneficial to the composer, he is secretly gay and a wife would quieten rumours. Antonina’s sizable dowry would also solve some of his financial woes. The young woman fails to understand that she is entering into a marriage of convenience and when the relationship eventually breaks down, she is propelled to the brink of a mental breakdown.

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Also Released This Week...

Anyone But You (15)

Bea and Ben enjoy an incredible first date but attraction quickly burns out and they are delighted to never have to spend time together again. Fate compels Bea and Ben to reconsider and they seize the opportunity to attend a lavish wedding in Australia, as a couple.

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Berliner Philharmoniker Live: New Year's Eve 2023 (TBC)

Broadcast live from the Berlin Philharmonie concert hall, located in the historic Tiergarten, this final concert of the year for the Berliner Philharmoniker welcomes Kirill Petrenko as conductor and soloists Vida Miknevicrute, Jonas Kaufmann and Georg Zeppenfeld.

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Cats In The Museum (PG)

Small mouse Maurice saves the life of young cat Vincent when they both are trapped inside a flooded old harpsichord. The instrument is sent to St Petersburg and Maurice and Vincent find themselves inside the hallowed halls of the Hermitage Museum.

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Next Goal Wins (12A)

American Samoa's national football team languishes at the bottom of the world rankings. Disgraced coach Thomas Rongen is forcibly encouraged to accept a position transforming the squad into a group of players capable of scoring just one goal.

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One Life (12A)

In December 1938, young London broker Nicholas Winton visits Prague as part of the British Committee for Refugees in Czechoslovakia. He witnesses the terrible plight of families who have fled the Nazis and with the aid of his mother, Nicky secures safe passage for 669 children to London.

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Priscilla (15)

Fourteen-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu is introduced to singer Elvis Presley, 10 years her senior, at a party in 1959 Bad Nauheim in Germany, where her stepfather Captain Beaulieu is stationed in the US military. Despite the concerning age difference, Elvis and Priscilla date.

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