Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

The Little Mermaid (PG)

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula in The Little Mermaid, directed by Rob Marshall. Copyright: 2023 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Headstrong mermaid Ariel is obsessed with humankind, secretly collecting discarded “thingamabobs” in direct violation of orders from her father King Triton. During a violent storm, a ship commanded by Prince Eric runs aground and Ariel rescues him from a watery grave. Restored to full health, Eric vows to find his siren-songed saviour. Meanwhile, scheming sea witch Ursula offers to transform Ariel into human form for three days so she can secure true love’s kiss.

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Action of the Week

Sisu (15)

Jorma Tommila as Aatami Korpi in Sisu, directed by Jalmari Helander. Copyright: CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In 1944 as the Second World War enters its final stretch, Finland attempts to remove invading German forces from its borders. Retired Finnish commando Aatami Korpi prospects for gold in the countryside, far removed from the mounting devastation. En route to the nearest town to deposit a motherlode of freshly mined gold, Aatami clashes with sadistic German platoon leader Bruno Helldorf, who is murdering indiscriminately with his second-in-command Wolf.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Master Gardener (15)

Quintessa Swindell and Joel Edgerton in Master Gardener, directed by Paul Schrader. Copyright: Vertigo Releasing. All Rights Reserved.

Gifted horticulturalist Narvel Roth works in a botanical garden on the private estate of fearsome socialite Norma Haverhill. He is dedicated to the upkeep of stunning flora and records his efforts in a notebook, which also contains snippets about a dark past when his green fingers may have been stained with blood. Norma asks Narvel to take on her wayward niece Maya as an apprentice. The young woman needs guidance and direction in her life and Narvel obliges.

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Also Released This Week...

Hypnotic (15)

Police detective Danny Rourke is haunted by the one case that he can't solve: the kidnapping of his daughter Minnie. During a heist, Danny discovers a picture of his daughter, suggesting she may be alive and connected to the mastermind of the robbery: a menacing figure called Dellrayne.

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Inland Empire (15)

A 4K restoration of David Lynch's 2006 thriller, revolving around actress Nikki Grace. She is in rehearsals for a new film called On High In Blue Tomorrows. When Nikki allows a strange woman into her home, real and reel life blur, trapping the actress in a world of make believe.

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The Machine (15)

Twenty years ago, Bert Kreischer partied hard during a college semester in Russia and his unsavoury actions marked him as an enemy of the local mob. Grim history catches up with Bert and he is kidnapped along with his father Albert to pay a hefty price for his past transgressions.

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My Fairy Troublemaker (U)

Violetta is stunned when she fails her tooth fairy examination and she refuses to accept the final verdict. The mischievous sprite sneaks into the human world with the intention of relinquishing 12-year-old Maxie of one of her pearly whites. Alas, Maxie has already lost her baby teeth.

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