Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

Tenet (12A)

Elizabeth Debicki and Sir Kenneth Branagh in Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan.

An American operative known as the Protagonist accepts a new assignment with cryptic instructions to perform a secret hand gesture (interlaced fingers) in conjunction with a palindromic code word: Tenet. A Mobius strip of evidence leads the Protagonist and mission partner Neil down the rabbit hole of bullying Russian billionaire Andrei Sator and his wife Kat.

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Thriller Of The Week

Sheep Without A Shepherd (15)

Sheep Without A Shepherd directed by Sam Quah Boon-lip. Copyright: Trinity Films/Cine Asia. All Rights Reserved.

Chinese immigrant Li Weijie settles in Thailand with his wife A Yu and daughters Ping Ping and An An. The eldest girl, Ping Ping, is blackmailed by Suchat, son of regional police chief La Wen. A Yu intervenes to protect her daughter and in the ensuing fight, Suchat is killed. Mother and daughter bury the body then confess the truth to Weijie, who is a fan of television detectives. He uses knowledge gleaned from his favourite shows to conceive the perfect alibi.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Perfumes (15)

Emmanuelle Devos in Perfumes, directed by Gregory Magne. Copyright: Curzon Artificial Eye. All Rights Reserved.

Master of fragrance Anne Walberg used to be in high demand in the perfume industry but her increasingly selfish and temperamental nature has coincided with a fall from grace. Now, she works predominantly with companies to carefully mask the small of products with pungent odours. She hires chauffeur Guillaume, who needs his job to stand a chance of securing shared custody of 10-year-old daughter Lea. Although they inhabit two different worlds, Anne and Guillaume strike up an unlikely friendship.

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Also Released This Week...

The Karate Kid (PG)

Daniel LaRusso falls victim to vicious bullying from Johnny Lawrence, a member of the Cobra Kai dojo run by callous sensei John Kreese. Handyman Mr Miyagi agrees to train Daniel so he can take part in the All-Valley Karate Championships and face Johnny and his posse on an equal footing.

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Love You Forever (12A)

Aspiring dancer Qiu Qian helps ageing theatre attendant Lin Ge and stumbles upon his diary. Inside, she learns that he has been trying to correct mistakes of the past by travelling back in time to mould a perfect love story.

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