Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

Godzilla Vs Kong (12A)

Godzilla battles Kong at sea in Godzilla Vs Kong, directed by Adam Wingard. Copyright: 2021 Legendary And Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Godzilla copyright Toho Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Five years after Godzilla’s battle with King Ghidorah, secret scientific organisation Monarch continues to preempt potential threats to mankind’s survival. Without warning, Godzilla attacks an underground facility, drawing attention to the work of Apex Cybernetics. CEO Walter Simmons recruits former Monarch expert Nathan Lind to explore the possibility of a power source hidden within the Earth’s core. Kong may hold the key to this bold scientific discovery.

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Action Of The Week

Chaos Walking (12A)

Tom Holland as Todd Hewitt, Manchee the dog and Daisy Ridley as Viola Eade in Chaos Walking, directed by Doug Liman. Photo: Murray Close. Copyright: Lionsgate Films. All Rights Reserved.

In 2257 AD, orphan Todd Hewitt lives on New World with his adoptive fathers Ben Moore and Cillian Boyd. There are no women in the community, which is controlled by mayor David Prentiss, and the thoughts of the men are visible as a cloud-like noise. A spaceship crash-lands close to the settlement and Viola Eade is the sole survivor. As a woman, whose thoughts are concealed, she poses a grave threat to Mayor Prentiss’ dictatorial rule. Todd goes on the run with Violet.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Minari (12A)

Alan S Kim as David Yi and Steven Yeun as Jacob Yi in Minari, directed by Lee Isaac Chung. Photo: Melissa Lukenbaugh. Copyright: A24. All Rights Reserved.

Korean immigrant Jacob Yi transplants his wife Monica and their two children Anne and David from California to Arkansas, where he intends to farm 50 acres of untouched wilderness. Monica is unimpressed: their new home is an hour from the nearest hospital, where David is undergoing treatment for a heart condition. The despondent wife invites her cantankerous mother to travel from South Korea to the family plot for emotional support.

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Also Released This Week...

Antebellum (15)

On a reformer plantation in Louisiana commandeered by the 9th infantry of the Confederate army of the 13 States, slaves Eden and Eli are punished for their attempted escape. The General lashes Eden with the buckle end of his belt and her resistance crumbles.

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The Mauritanian (15)

Criminal defence lawyer Nancy Hollander arranges access to Mohamedou Ould Slahi at Guantanamo Bay accompanied by associate Teri Duncan. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Couch prepares to lead the death penalty case against Mohamedou.

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