Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

The Bikeriders (15)

Mike Faist as Danny and Jodie Comer as Kathy in The Bikeriders, directed by Jeff Nichols. Photo: Kyle Kaplan. Copyright: Focus Features, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dedicated family man and truck driver Johnny is inspired to establish The Vandals motorcycle club in 1960s Chicago in response to watching Marlon Brando swagger through The Wild One on his black and white TV set. Johnny assembles a motley crew including level-headed and loyal lieutenant Brucie and dreamboat Benny. Exuberant outsider Kathy falls under Benny’s spell at a bar and they marry five weeks into their courtship, shortly before the resident dreamboat is the victim of a violent assault.

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Thriller Of The Week

Something In The Water (15)

Lauren Lyle as Lizzie, Nicole Rieko Setsuko as Cam, Hiftu Quasem as Meg, Natalie Mitson as Kayla and Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart as Ruth in Something In The Water, directed by Hayley Easton Street. Photo: Carlos Rodriguez. Copyright: StudioCanal. All Rights Reserved.

Lizzie prepares for her dream wedding in the Caribbean and she invites her gals pals to join her in paradise for the nuptials. Cam, Ruth, Meg and her old flame Kayla arrive on cue to lend their support to the bride-to-be. The five young women rent a boat and head to a remote island for an afternoon of fun in the shimmering blue water. A shark attacks Ruth and the other women spirit her back to their boat and make haste towards the mainland.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Green Border (15)

Jalal Altawil as Bashir in Green Border, directed by Agnieszka Holland. Photo: Agata Kubis. Copyright: Modern Films. All Rights Reserved.

escape the vice-like grip of Isis. They gather together their clan including an ageing grandfather and young children and organise safe passage from the war-torn Syrian town of Harasta to Sweden, where they intend to seek refuge with relatives. Unfortunately, Bashir, Amina and their clan become stranded either side of the border between Belarus and Poland with Afghan refugee Leila.

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Also Released This Week...

Dance Revolutionaries (TBC)

Contemporary dance company Yorke Dance Project pays tribute to two visionary choreographers in partnership with the Royal Ballet and award-winning artists. The two-part film includes Robert Cohan's Portraits and Kenneth MacMillan's rarely seen ballet Sea Of Troubles.

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The Exorcism (15)

During production of a horror film, troubled actor Anthony Miller begins to exhibit troubling behaviour. His estranged daughter Lee fears that her father may be regressing to destructive old habits but malevolent forces might be at play.

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Inspector Sun And The Curse Of The Black Widow (PG)

In 1934, the world's most famous private investigator, Inspector Sun, accepts a secret assignment that requires him to travel from Shanghai to San Francisco by luxury plane. During the flight, a murder occurs and the inspector is trapped on board with one or more perpetrators.

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Strike: An Uncivil War (15)

Combining previously unseen archive material, government documents and personal testimonies, this feature=-length documentary focuses on a clash between striking miners and the police dubbed The Battle Of Orgreave on June 18, 1984.

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