Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

IF (U)

Ryan Reynolds as Cal and Cailey Fleming as Bea in IF, directed by John Krasinski. Photo: Jonny Cournoyer. Copyright: Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Twelve-year-old Bea prepares for her father to undergo vital heart surgery. Living with her grandmother in New York while her father is in hospital, Bea gatecrashes the solitude of upstairs neighbour Cal, who has set up a matchmaking agency for abandoned imaginary friends (IFs). Bea discovers she possesses the same ability as Cal to see these wondrous beings, who have been abandoned by the children they once helped.

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Horror Of The Week

The Strangers: Chapter 1 (15)

Froy Gutierrez as Ryan and Madelaine Petsch as Maya in The Strangers: Chapter 1, directed by Renny Harlin. Photo: John Armour. Copyright: Lionsgate. All Rights Reserved.

Maya and partner Gregory break down in a town in Oregon and the loving couple spend the night in a remote cabin. The rustic accommodation has a certain charm until the romantic mood is interrupted by a shadowy figure on the front porch looking for their friend Tamara. Shortly after, a trio of bloodcrazed killers, Dollface, Man In The Mask and Pin-Up Girl, break into the cabin and terrorise Maya and Gregory.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Catching Fire: The Story Of Anita Pallenberg (15)

A photo of Anita Pallenberg from Catching Fire: The Story Of Anita Pallenberg, directed by Svetlana Zill and Alexis Bloom. Copyright: Michael Cooper. All Rights Reserved.

Actress, artist and model Anita Pallenberg rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s and she is often quoted as the muse of rock band The Rolling Stones. She was a romantic partner of founder Brian Jones for two years before raising children with guitarist Keith Richards. This feature-length documentary portrait is told in the words of Pallenberg’s unpublished memoir, which was discovered in 2017 by her family after her death. Scarlett Johansson provides the voice of Pallenberg.

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Also Released This Week...

Hoard (18)

Teenager Maria prepares to leave school. She is happily settled with a foster mother, Michelle, who lavishes her with kindness and affection. Out of the blue, one of Michelle's previous wards, late 20-something Michael, returns for a visit and he becomes fixated on Maria.

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Rome, Open City (12A)

Italian authorities collaborate with the Germans as they attempt to crush the underground resistance in the capital. Resourceful engineer Giorgio finds an ally in Pina, the fiancee of a fellow resistance member, who is due to exchange vows in front of local priest Don Pietro.

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Royal Ballet Live: The Winter's Tale (TBC)

A revival of choreographer Christopher Wheeldon's critically acclaimed 2014 adaptation of Shakespeare's late romance, broadcast live from the stage of the Royal Opera House in London under the assured baton of conductor Koen Kessels.

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Two Tickets To Greece (15)

Benjamin worries his uptight mother Blandine will become a recluse so he arranges a secret reunion with her schooldays best friend, Magalie. The two women realise their dream to make a pilgrimage to the Greek island of Amorgos featured in their favourite film The Big Blue.

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