Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

The Broken Hearts Gallery (12A)

Geraldine Viswanathan as Lucy and Dacre Montgomery as Nick in The Broken Hearts Gallery, directed by Natalie Krinsky.

Twenty-something gallery assistant Lucy lives in New York City with roommates Amanda and Nadine. They become shoulders to cry on when Lucy’s boyfriend Max breaks up with her because he claims there are “in different places”. Lucy is encouraged to empty her room of items she has hoarded from previous relationships and display them as a pop-up exhibition. Handsome would-be hotel owner Nick helps Lucy to spread the word about the show.

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Drama Of The Week

Savage (18)

John Tui as Moses and Jake Ryan as Damage in Savage, directed by Sam Kelly. Photo: Matt Grace. Copyright: Domino Films. All Rights Reserved.

Danny, the heavily tattooed sergeant of street gang president Moses, takes a hammer to the hand of gang member Dice for failing to pay his dues. The bone-crunching rebuke is also a warning shot across the bow of Moses’ sworn rival Tug, who is sowing seeds of discontent to stage a coup. As tensions escalate, banker’s daughter Flo challenges Danny’s snarling hard man act behind closed doors. His inability to meet her demand for tenderness sparks a patchwork of pain-soaked flashbacks.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

La Haine (15)

Vincent Cassel in La Haine directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. Copyright: BFI Distribution.

Disenchanted young people voice their anger in Paris in the aftermath of a riot sparked by police brutality. Events over the course of one day are glimpsed from the perspectives of three men: a young Arab called Said, Jewish brawler Vinz and black boxer Hubert. Their fortunes become entwined on the streets of the banlieue where tensions are high and police are on high alert for more disturbances.

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Also Released This Week...

Bill & Ted Face The Music (PG)

Bill S Preston and Ted Logan are middle-aged best friends, who have yet to achieve their rock'n'roll destiny. A visitor from the future tears the dudes away from their respective wives, Princess Joanna and Princess Elizabeth, to bring harmony to the universe with one of their songs.

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The Eight Hundred (15)

The Imperial Japanese Army makes morale boosting gains in Beijing and Shanghai, forcing the Chinese army into retreat. In response, Chinese high command orders Lieutenant Colonel Xie Jinyuan to defend the Sihang Warehouse with a regiment of just 452 soldiers.

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Max Richter's Sleep (PG)

Emmy-nominated director Natalie Johns goes behind the scenes of German-born composer and musician Max Richter's ambitious live performance of his eight-hour opus Sleep at an open-air concert in Los Angeles, staged in collaboration with Bafta-winning creative partner Yulia Mahr.

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Memories Of Murder (15)

A serial killer terrorises the residents of a South Korea village, sowing seeds of fear and paranoia. Detective Park arrests suspects and beats (false) confessions out of them, while Detective Seo takes the quiet, analytical approach to unmask the devious culprit.

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A Night At The Louvre: Leonardo Da Vinci (U)

Filmed over four nights with 5K cameras especially for cinema, this private tour of a landmark exhibition at the Musee du Louvre follows curators Vincent Delieuvin and Louis Frank as they provide insightful commentaries about the paintings and Leonardo's artistic practice.

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The Painted Bird (18)

The horrors of the Second World War are witnessed through the eyes of a nameless Jewish boy, who is sent by his parents to live with an aunt to evade the clutches of the Nazis. Alas, the aunt dies and the boy must fend for himself. He seeks temporary sanctuary in the company of strangers.

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Real (15)

Well-dressed high-flyers Kyle and Jamie meet by chance in a newsagents located between a courthouse and a business centre. Both exude confidence, sparking an instant attraction. However, Kyle and Jamie are projecting false images.

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The Roads Not Taken (15)

Molly races across New York City in a taxi to spend the day with her father Leo and shepherd him to appointments with a dentist and an optician. The middle-aged patriarch is trapped for extended periods inside the prison of his mind and fails to answer the door to his nurse Xenia.

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