Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster of the Week

The Gentlemen (18)

American ex-pat Mickey Pearson has steadily built a lucrative marijuana empire in London aided by his right-hand man Raymond. Mickey is poised to sell the business to slippery American counterpart, Matthew Berger, and share the spoils with his straight-shooting wife, Rosalind. Myriad enemies and supposed allies attempt to take advantage, including ruthless kingpin Dry Eye and opportunistic private detective Fletcher.

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Comedy Choice

Jojo Rabbit (12A)

Ten-year-old Johannes Betzler lives in Germany with his mother Rosie. The youngster is an enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth and he undergoes training with best friend Yorki at a camp run by Captain Klenzendorf and second-in-command Finkel. Returning home, Jojo discovers a Jewish girl called Elsa Korr hiding in a crawl space adjoining the bedroom of his late sister. The boy intends to notify the authorities but Elsa points out that Jojo’s mother would be executed for harbouring a Jew.

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Critic’s Choice Of The Week

Amanda (15)

David lives in Paris, where he juggles two jobs. He is an affectionate uncle to a young niece, Amanda, whose single mother Sandrine is an English teacher in the French capital. A terrorist attack in a Parisian park robs little Amanda of her mother and clueless David is compelled to become the girl’s guardian. As he struggles to come to terms with the death of his sister and Amanda’s needs, David adds to his emotional burden by falling in love with Lena, one of the survivors of the atrocity.

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Also Released This Week...

Andre Rieu: 70 Years Young (U)

To celebrate his 70th birthday in October 2019, Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu welcomes host Charlotte Hawkins to his castle for an intimate conversation about his life and career, charting his childhood in a deeply musical family and formative years in a church choir...

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Avane Srimannarayana (12A)

Corrupt police officer Narayana is determined to recover a hoard of missing treasure in the town of Amaravati, aided by long-suffering sidekick Achyuthanna. This selfish pursuit puts him at odds with bandit chief Jairama and his deceitful half-brother Tukaram...

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Cleanin' Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters (PG)

Thirty-five years after director Ivan Reitman unleashed the original Ghostbusters, documentary filmmakers Anthony and Claire Bueno pen a heartfelt valentine to the ground-breaking comedy with a retrospective, drawn from 12 years of research and production...

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La Dolce Vita (12A)

Gossip columnist Marcello patrols the streets, bars and nightclubs of Rome, in search of salacious stories about the city's rich and famous. One of his targets is Swedish-American film star Sylvia Rank and as dawn breaks, she frolics in the Trevi Fountain...

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Futro Z Misia (TBC)

Nerwowy is the head of the mafia in the Podhale region. He is angry when his men foolishly target a police station in Tczew to 'liberate' 120kg of marijuana from the holding room. Instead, the goons leave with 120kg of herbal tea because someone else has already pilfered the narcotics...

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In The Line Of Duty (15)

Chief of Police Volk is distraught when Max Keller kidnaps his 11-year-old daughter Claudia and holds her hostage in a confined space. Volk works with his team to apprehend Max but the operation goes sour and world-weary officer Frank Penny kills the suspect...

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