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Wolf Pack, Studio at The Vault Festival – London Theatre Tickets

Wolf Pack, Studio at The Vault Festival – London Theatre Tickets

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Traditionally classical, contemporary, pop, rock, jazz and folk music occupy separate worlds, divided by ill-defined and constantly changing lines. WOLF PACK occupy the no-mans land in the middle. Join us to explore an abstract one-word theme through contemporary music, narration, theatre, spoken word, audience participation, comedy and cardboard in two brand new concerts. You'll laugh, you'll sing, you'll dance, but don't fear: we're here. Think you know what to expect? Think again.
TEXT:Text in music, text-setting, text-based, texts that inspired songs, text consisting solely of music, text as music. Text and music have always shared a bed – we're going to make that bed and lie in it. Text in your thoughts and bring your favourite piece of text. Let's start a lyrical library.

BODY: How do you feel about your body? Do you feel your body? How big a diaphragm do you need to play the bassoon? What's the ugliest part of your body? Is there a version of "Dem Bones" incorporating all 206 bones of the human body? How big a brass section do you need to make a skeleton dance?

Venue: Studio at The Vault Festival, Leake Street, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SW.

Directions: Leave Waterloo via Exit 1. Turn right onto Station Road Approach & keep on the right hand side. Walk to the bottom of the road & down the first set of stairs. Turn right at the bottom & the entrance is 10m on the right hand side.

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