The Mousetrap

Artistic Director: David Turner
Author: Agatha Christie

Details: St Martin’s Theatre, Cambridge Circus, WC2H 9NZ
Tube: Leicester Square
Performances: Mon-Sat 8.00 pm, Matinees Tue 2.45 pm and Sat 5 pm
Running time: 2h15

The Mousetrap. Photo Credit: Marshall Astor - Food Pornographer. Creative Commons License.In short: Classic whodunit now in its fifth decade – the world’s longest running play of any kind.

In full: London has often been accused of hanging onto its past and here is the supreme example of that tendency to wish us all back to a gilded age where things were civilised, where people spoke proper, dressed conservative and, if this curio is to believed, were butchered by the bucket load.

That said, its sheer longevity means The Mousetrap cuts the mustard for most audiences. For some it will be the thrill of watching a moving museum piece that does the trick; for others, the rampant nostalgia will draw out the sniffles, and for the rest, ironic detachment will get them through the night.

– Jenny Parks

Other Critics
– ‘Charming institution sports a rapt audience.’ Time Out
– ‘Moth eaten. A case of very stale theatrical cheese.’ Evening Standard