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GERMAN BREWER BECK’S is behind a new creative project to nurture independent talent in art, design, music and fashion.

The ‘Green Box Project’ sees a variety of virtual exhibits being placed across a selection of cities in the US, Italy and the UK, including London.

Art lovers or the plain curious can download a Beck’s Key App to search for their closest Green Boxes.

Interviews with the some of the Artists:
Warpaint – The Beck’s Green Box Project
Nick Knight – The Beck’s Green Box Project

More info on the Beck’s Green Box Project:

Welcome to The Green Box Project, a global fund established to inspire, celebrate and financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion.

Over the next three years, Beck’s, through The Green Box Project, will fund and showcase 1,000 projects by individuals with unique creative vision.

The resulting art pieces will be experienced via augmented-reality in Green Boxes located around the world and will be permanently displayed in the fund’s virtual gallery.

To start the project, from July to September 2011, we will release 30 Green Boxes holding exclusive virtual pieces by renowned artists in the US, UK and Italy.

Key App:
1) To experience this augmented reality artwork, connect to free beck’s wi-fi on your smartphone or tablet
2) Download Beck’s key app from apple app store or android market
3) Select “launch box viewer” on home screen (artwork may take a few minutes to load)
4) Point your device at the green box. make sure one side of the box is in full view
5) View all sides of the box for additional content6Capture experience by pressing the camera icon
Click here to download the Key App

Arne Quinze | Austra
Bijules | Bompas & Parr
Elle Kunnos De Voss | Hannah Barry, Guy Gormley and Oliver Hogan
Jason Bruges | Kate MccGwire
Kenneth Cappello | LuckyMe
Meryl Smith | Nick Knight
Petra Storrs | PVT & JJ Stratford
Reed + Rader | Sage Vaughn
Shaniqwa Jarvis | Stephen Burks
Steve Harrington | Warpaint
Widows | Alice Waese
Andrew Kuo | Casey Reas
Craig Thornton | Dr. Romanelli
FriendsWithYou | Hussein Chalayan
Kathy Grayson | Mark Jenkins

The Fund:
The Beck’s Green Box Project is a fund designed to support independent creative talent. Over the next three years this ambition will be realized through Beck’s support of 1,000 original works from selected independent artists.

Anyone can submit a proposal for funding within the areas of art, design, music or fashion. Each submission will be individually considered and reviewed by the dedicated Green Box team and its Board, led by two iconic artists admired and respected for their independent vision and consistently groundbreaking creative ambition.

The chosen submissions will then receive the requested funding to bring their project to life. The first wave of finalized Green Box Projects will be released around the world in 2012.

Anyone with a unique vision or idea can submit a proposal for funding within the areas of art, design, music or fashion.

Submissions will be judged by the Green Box Project Board, formed by artists Nick Knight and Sam Spiegel. The selected projects will be granted the requested funding and brought to life as per the artist’s original vision, unfiltered and unedited.

All finalized pieces will be displayed permanently online, in the Green Box Project’s virtual gallery. Some projects will also have the unique opportunity of being showcased in physical Green Boxes located around the world.

Nick Knight and Sam Spiegel, TWO multi-talented artists, will head The Beck’s Green Box Project. They will have the ultimate decision in which projects are commissioned. Collectively, through the Green Box Project, they will support fresh creative talent and promote public art to a global audience.

About Becks:
Since its founding in 1873 Beck’s have been dedicated to innovation and independent thought. The first brewer to protect their beer behind green glass, we were also the first to export beer from Germany in a steel keg, ensuring the beer tasted as fresh when it arrived as when it left the brewery.

In the UK, Beck’s have a 25-year history of supporting independent creative talent. Through our Art Label initiative we have promoted pioneering art and music, having sponsored artists such as Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons at the begining of their careers.

The Green Box Project marks the next stage of our contribution to the creative community. An endeavor that sees the brand continue to fund individuals who embody the spirit of independent thought.


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