The US Republican National Convention caused a stir by shelling out $150,000 for Sarah Palin’s campaign clothes since September, but the group is trying to regain some street cred with an offer of generosity. Looks like all those clothes from Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s are going to charity after the campaign, as reported by Vogue and WWD.

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The woman chosen as John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate has become quite the sartorial hot topic lately, counting Mean Girls director Tina Fey among her supporters, but Palin still manages to stir up other members of the fashion police for reverting to a dark day in style history. “Let Michelle Obama plunder Sixties Camelot for style tips; Miss Wasilla 1984 knows that America’s real golden age was the Eighties,” says the Times. “Dynasty on the TV, Reagan in the White House. What could be finer? No wonder she’s beaming.”

– Jill Hilbrenner