A new book is set to reveal previously unheard facts about the lives of the British Royal family.

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How Fat Was Henry VIII? And 101 Other Questions on Royal History is released this week and attempts to remove the mystique surrounding monarchs past and present by using previously unpublished evidence to unearth new facts about the lives and loves of the royal family.

The book, written by Raymond Lamont-Brown, looks at a diverse range of subjects, including who the most superstitious monarchs were, which monarch first wore a crown, which king wanted to be a fireman, why Edwards VII had a fear of cutlery and why Queen Elizabeth has pet corgis, as well as the titular question.

In coming up with his answers to the many questions asked in the book, the author cites studies of suits of armour, historic records and private letters to back up the trivia.

As well as offering answers to questions about the royals, the tome includes details of royal rumours, romances, scandals, assassinations, plots and other gossip related to the famous family.